8 June 2007

Stories from 8 June 2007

Russia: Media and Elections

As part of Krusenstern‘s ongoing Russian Media Blog Carnival, Mark MacKinnon writes about the Russian media and the 2008 presidential election: “The Russian opposition has its Yushchenko now in Mikhail Kasyanov. But what will determine the country’s future is whether it has enough Dmytruks and Politkovskayas to tell the country...

Eastern Europe: Trouble With the Presidents

An Alaskan Abroad notes on how CNN got the Czech president's name wrong: Klaus Topolanek instead of Vaclav Klaus. (Mirek Topolanek is the Czech premier.) Also, a photo from Kyiv, of an anti-Yushchenko protest sign that says Ukraine's president should be sent off to Alaska, of all places.

Oman: Sohar After the Storm

“Unlike Sur and Muscat, fortunately nothing serious happened in Sohar during the Cyclone Gonu's visit to Oman, the tide flooded a number of areas near the sea for a short while and the electricity was down for a couple of hours only, we have no water problems around here. Thieves...

Egypt: Deserted Cairo Streets

“Friday usually the streets are crowded but today there wasn't any crowded streets ,a strange thing for sure ,it only happens in Eid or in Ramadan before the breakfast by 5 minutes. “Where are the people ?? I asked myself , yet I remember tomorrow Saturday is the big day...

Isreal: Putting Differences Aside

Jewilicious puts aside its ideological differences with Kabobfest and notes: “However, earlier this week Fadi wrote about the upcoming Arab-American Anti-Discrimination committee’s annual convention in Washington DC this Saturday. Fadi expressed offense at the fact that Princess Haya Bint Al Hussein is set to accept the ADC Global Leadership Award...

Sri Lanka: Bloggers react to eviction of Tamils in Colombo

  8 June 2007

The Sri Lankan Blogosphere is reacting strongly to the recent move by the authorities to evacuate some Tamil people in Colombo. A lot of blogs have expressed anger and rage at the government's actions, while others have attempted to understand the reasons for this move. Another debate appears to if...

Africa: critical look at the quest for alternative energy

  8 June 2007

Alternative energy and the future of Africa's forest: “It’s the final day of the Summit, and so far we’ve heard the G8 leaders’ views on climate change and HIV funding. Richard M Kavuma hopes that in their quest for ‘alternative energy sources’ the G8 does not jeopardise Africa’s remaining forests.”

Africa: who is listening to African women?

  8 June 2007

An interview of one the African journalists blogging the G8 Sumit 2007: “One of the AfricaVox journalists, Zinhle Mapumulo, has been interviewed for openSummit, a blog covering the G8 process from a woman’s perspective. Zinhle talks about her motivation for covering this year's Summit and her experiences so far….”

Bahrain: Eat Shawarma at Your Peril!

Are there poor people in Bahrain or is the issue being blown out of proportion by those striving to plant the seeds of sectarianism in our society? Can Bahraini girls actually cook like their mothers? Would spending billions on developing a metro system be feasible for a country the size of Bahrain? And what's in your Shawarma? These are just some of the questions Bahraini bloggers are tackling in this week's extensive round up by Ayesha Saldanha.

Jamaica: The Beauty of Politics

  8 June 2007

“What does beauty have to with political representation?” asks City Girl, upon hearing the news that a former Jamaican Miss World has been chosen to represent a key political constituency.

Bermuda: Dame Brown Evans Laid to Rest

  8 June 2007

“Individuals and families I spoke with said they simply had to attend this ‘historic event’ and wanted their children to be a part of this ‘history in the making'”: Charlotte Andrews is one of many who lined the streets of Hamilton, Bermuda to pay their last respects to Dame Lois...

Blog Profit Model in Korea

  8 June 2007

A “blog profit model” is offered by Iguacu. The chart on the post has descriptions for different ad services in Korea.[ko]