6 June 2007

Stories from 6 June 2007

Angola: Kitanda – A Gateway to the African “Lusosphere”

  6 June 2007

If you ever want to get your way into the African “lusosphere”, one of the best places to start is the blog “Kitanda” (“Marketplace” in Kimbundu, one of Angola's national languages). Kitanda has become along the years, since its launch in 2004, an unavoidable reference in the “lusosphere”. Mainly dedicated...

Chile: Oil Spill Affects Livelihood of Fishermen

  6 June 2007

Three hundred and fifty liters of oil were spilled in Bahia San Vicente in Talcahuano. As Ecologia y Patrañas Diversas (ES) explains, the spillage happened when the ship New Constellation under the flag of the Marshall Islands and operated by Ultramar, while unloading fuel for the National Enterprise of Petrol,...

Hungary: Famous Magyars

Pestcentric writes about famous Hungarians – which the newly-elected French president Nicolas Sarkozy is not: “The French can have him. And if he turns out to be a disaster, […] let’s be glad he doesn’t consider himself a Magyar.”

Serbia: Tennis Players

After the Eurovision victory, Serbia has moved on to tennis: four Serbian players are currently in the Roland Garros semifinals draws (men's and women's singles, and men's doubles). Belgrade 2.0 tells the world about these and other rising stars.

Russia: G8 Summit

Edward Lucas writes about the Russia problem at this year's G8 summit in Germany: “Most G8 summits produce a welter of carefully honed platitudes, in which differences are finessed and blurred as much as possible. This one is likely to be no exception.”

Malaysia: Newspapers Asked To Show Restraint on PM's Wedding Story

  6 June 2007

The Prime Minster's office broke the news of Malaysian prime minster's upcoming marriage. Newspapers are being asked to go easy on the coverage. Rocky's Bru writes “Now, you won't believe this! Editors from the mainstream media were summoned for a briefing on the wedding just now.”