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Iran in the eyes of a Swedish Blogger

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Jonathan Lundqvist is a Swedish blogger who visited Iran a few months ago and shared his experiences with Global Voices in an interview [1]. Jonathan has published several photos on his blog about censorship [2], daily life [3], tradition, and modernity in Iran without forgetting beauty of the country. Here are seven images which say much more than thousands of words:



Two first photos show us a glimpse of the censorship that occurs in Iran. Jonathan says the Nashravaran Journalistic Institute is the agency that handles all censorship. They also stamp all magazines with a stamp upon inspection. It’s mind-boggling to think of the people whose work it is to sit there with a giant felt-tip pen and cover up skin all day long.

In third photo Iranians need to go far and away to date and to have privacy.


Dating Iran style. A boy and a girl sitting by the winding river, enjoying their quite conversation. The mountains felt like a haven of sorts where once in a while you can even see women without scarves!

The fourth photo shows how western brands meet eastern dress.


Jonathan explains, “I saw this girl working in a sports clothing store in northern Tehran and became intrigued as to the logo on her wimple.”

The last four photos show an electronics shopping center, a beautiful park in Tehran, a fantastic bridge in Esfahan, and window in a mosque covered with Persian calligraphy.