5 June 2007

Stories from 5 June 2007

Russia: LiveJournal DDoS-Attacked

For the past week or so, Russian LiveJournal bloggers have been experiencing problems when they tried to post their entries or leave comments. Some claimed they were being censored. Since plenty of apolitical bloggers were also unable to use their journals, it wasn't easy to accept censorship as the reason for the blackout. But Russian politics is behind the current crisis after all.

Slovenia: Blogres

Blogres, the first official gathering of Slovenia bloggers, will take place Saturday, June 9, in Ljubljana, Michael M of The Glory of Carniola reports. His own presentation will, hopefully, follow this outline: “My first point will be to attack the foreign press like a runaway elephant for its generally sloppy...

Israel: Food for Thought and Thoughts of Food

Food, whether it be descriptions of a favourite nosh (snack) or something you'd really prefer to never pass by your palette again, places to consume or acquire particular food items, preparations of said items, and what was occurring while food was being eaten, prepared, or just thought about provide frequent food for blogging content within the Israeli blogosphere, writes Yaeli.

Russia, Austria: Nabucco and Gazprom

Transatlantic Politics writes about the news of Gazprom's involvement in the Nabucco gas pipeline project – which was originally supposed to be the EU's “attempt to build an alternative to the Gazprom-controlled, already-built natural gas pipeline-network”: “Can't own the pipeline? No big deal, we'll own the faucet.”

Oman: Tropical Cyclone Gonu Hits Oman

The government of Oman declared a state of emergency as the country was hit today by the Tropical Cyclone Gonu, a tropical storm that has now reached a category 5 danger status. The storm is expected to run across the coast of the country over a period of three days. The Royal Oman Police has been making continuous announcements over TV and radio on how to deal with the crisis. ROP reported that they have evacuated the 7,000 residents of Mesirah Island, the first Omani state to be hit by the cyclone. Riyadh Al Balushi gives us a review of what bloggers are writing about the disaster.

Russia: Prominent Roma Scientists

TOL's Romantic posts bios of two prominent female Roma scientists – chemist Natalia Pankova and biologist Lubov Pankova – and their father, Nikolay Pankov, famous for his translation to the Romani language of Aleksandr Pushkin’s poem “Gypsies.”

Russia, Estonia: More on “Cyberwar”

A Fistful of Euros interviews Gadi Evron, “a world expert on botnets,” on “what exactly happened with the allegedly Russian-orchestrated DDOS attack on Estonian Internet interests”: “However, many of the attacks were not by a botnet, but rather by a mass of home users using commands such as ping to...

Jamaica: ‘Tis Better to Give

  5 June 2007

“While we have tremendous problems in the country with thieves, we seem to spend so much of our time beating a system that when something is offered at no cost, we have no idea what to do with it.” Francis Wade has discovered that while the joy is in the...

Guyana: Another Brick in the Wall

  5 June 2007

“This wall is new Guyana-style architecture…it got to be wide and broad enough so the door can swing out. It got to be high enough to prevent a small flood from invading we li’l foyer again…and low enough to step over.” Guyana-Gyal has hit an obstacle.

Americas: Recent Poll Numbers

  5 June 2007

Bloggings by Boz returns with his regular installment of poll numbers from across the region. The summary post includes news from Guatemala, El Salvador, Colombia, Ecuador and Argentina.

Bolivia: Open Letter to Joseph Blatter

  5 June 2007

Jaime Rubin de Celis of JCR's Place [ES] writes a heartfelt open letter to FIFA President Joseph Blatter after the organization banned international matches to be played a stadiums at high altitudes. de Celis refers to a phrase found on FIFA's website that says, “Let's take football and the world...

Honduras: Birding Blog

  5 June 2007

Daniel Germer loves to “pajarear”, or “birdwatching” in Honduras. His blog called Hondubirding [ES] is dedicated to this hobby and invites others to submit photos or inventories of spotted birds.

Guatemala: Parking Restrictions

  5 June 2007

Antigua boasts a high number of one-way streets. As a result, parking is only limited to one side of the street, however, some pay no mind to these restrictions. The site Antigua Guatemala Daily Photo shows what happens when a driver takes his/her chances and parks illegally anyway.

India: Paddy Fields and Food Security

  5 June 2007

Dog's Own Country comments on the Kerala Government's plan to reverse paddy reclamation projects. “Achuthanthan’s paddy project is inherently about his staunch belief that Kerala should produce its own food and his insecurity with free markets. According to our leaders, we should support rice farmers even if we have to...