India: On Dirty Gold, Tamil Muslims and Orkut

Gold and diamonds are symbols of purity and love, but Desi Italiana from Passtheroti has arguments to believe why gold, the “Indian Passion” is dirty and why diamonds “forever” are sodden with blood. While reasoning with women and their love for gold, she points out why gold pollutes. She also talks about blood diamonds and India's mammoth stake at polishing them.

[.]From 1991 to 2002, there was a civil war in Sierra Leone that took place alongside Liberia’s 14 year long civil war as well. Both civil wars were partially funded by “blood diamonds;” that is, diamonds from these two countries which were used finance the civil war. This spawned a whole industry of middlemen, smugglers, and so on, especially after the UN imposed sanctions.One of the stops that smugglers made was in India.[..]

The oldest communities are those of southern India and north-eastern Sri Lanka, when it comes to the Tamil language. At present there are huge number of Tamil emigrant communities scattered around the world, especially in central Sri Lanka, Malaysia, South Africa, Singapore, and Mauritius. And PK Balachandran from TW News has reports on Tamil speaking Muslims from India, Sri Lanka and Malaysia finding common ground, re-establishing ties weakened for 400 years now. Ancient histroy of their immigration, is also described.

[.]The Portuguese introduced the “cartaz” or a permit system, which in effect, prevented Muslims from using many ports in South and South East Asia. In Sri Lanka, they were driven away from the prosperous Western coast. Under Dutch rule, they were not given government contracts.[..]

Roshan from his blog is having the last laugh at the deprived state of IT education in the rural areas, and the cause for ill-favored action due to communities in the mega virtual hangouts of Orkut, towards cyber café owners. While Orkut has been having its share of trouble in India, Asif Khan from Itsmaklife writes of how he made friends through orkut who not only tipped him to bring an umbrella, but fed his Indian food hungry soul with his favorite dish Dhal, all the way in Japan

[.]I found Gautam on orkut before coming over to Japan. I contacted him via scrapbook. He was more than happy to hear from me and told me to bring an umbrella. This advice was really of great value as it rained just the next day of my arrival.[..]


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