1 June 2007

Stories from 1 June 2007

China: Liveblogging from ground zero

  1 June 2007

Seeing all the media censorship regarding the controversy over a toxic and risky chemical plant in the works, Bullog bloggers didn't just write about it every day. They went down to the resulting protest and live-blogged it.

Hungary: A Wi-Fi Village

Free wi-fi covers an obscure village in Hungary, making it possible for the residents – most of whom are Roma – “to finish their studies, obtain a profession, and then, to find a job.” More at TOL's Romantic.

Slovenia: Idealizing Europe

Marko Bucik describes how Slovenians idealize Western Europe: “Mostly, Europe is used of course as a benchmark and something we have to uphold as saint. Of course, Western Europe to be precise, not to be confused with Romania or similar savage places where corruption reigns…”

Chile: Issues of Broadband Access and Net Neutrality

  1 June 2007

The issues regarding who controls broadband access and net neutrality in Chile was brought to the forefront, when Pepe Huerta, an assistant to a Chilean deputy, posted about a private meeting in which many of the telecommunication officials, governmental officials, and legislators were present. Huerta is working on a law proposal that would for example, limit which connections are able to be called "broadband".

India: Education and the Government

  1 June 2007

The Indian Economy Blog does a series of posts on education in India. “In the broadest terms, the government of India is an extractive and exploitative system created specifically for that purpose during the nearly one hundred years of its existence as a British colony before India became politically independent....

India: The Next President

  1 June 2007

Indian Muslims runs a poll on their blog on the preferred next President of India. “On 16th May 2007 we started a poll requesting our readers to vote for their choice for the upcoming Presidential elections in India. The participation was substantial and we got 212 votes during the 15...