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Iran:What is going wrong between Iran and Egypt

Categories: Middle East & North Africa, Egypt, Iran, Governance, History, International Relations, Politics

Mohammad Ali Abtahi,former vice president,says [1]“the issue of relationship between Iran and Egypt has developed several times but every time it has stopped for different reasons. One of the main reasons Egypt disagrees with such idea is the issue of Khalid Islambouli [2].”Istambouli arranged and carried out the assassination of the Egyptian president, Anwar Sadat,in 1981.Iranian government named a street in Tehran after Islambouli in 1981 in honor of his “martyrdom”. Abtahi says but Islambouli is not the main reason He goes on in the government of Egypt headed by Mobarak, the security guys rule the country. Since everything especially foreign policy is watched by security look and security people do not agree with reunion of Egypt and Iran, this has not occurred yet.