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Update on YouTube in Morocco

Categories: Middle East & North Africa, Morocco, Digital Activism, Freedom of Speech, Media & Journalism, Technology

Although no cause for the blocking of YouTube by service provider Maroc Telecom has been ascertained, the current speculation is, as Moonlight [1] mentions, is:

La raison de cette censure serait la publication par ce site de 2 vidéos d'un islmaiste malade mental qui (en cachant bien son visage bien sur) a parlé de la fortune du roi en l'insultant.

The reason of this censure would be the publication by this site (YouTube) of 2 videos of a mentally ill islamist who (by hiding his face well) spoke about the fortune of the king insultingly.

is encouraging readers to sign a petition for Maroc Telecom and parent company Vivendi to restore YouTube access:

The Moroccan government is usually very sensitive to media-attention. They are often very afraid that their image of a moderate, safe and open muslim country will be damaged.
Not realizing that they damage that image themselves.
So please sign and digg [2] away because that is the only way to make them realize that what they did is wrong.

The petition can be found here [3].