Hindi Blogosphere: Scorn at activists and foodies’ delight!

Here we are again, ready to peek into the world of Hindi blogs to see what's happening in that part of the global blogosphere. A lot has happened in this time period in the Hindi blogosphere, nothing short of a civil war and though there's a sort of uneasy peace now which hardly betrays anything, it just might be the lull before the storm. ;) So let's go and see what has happened over the last week.

Seema Kumar showed us glimpses of the fashion show Fashionova where students of NIFT-Delhi showcased their creative designs, at The Ashok, as per the requirements for their last semesters of studies. I don't have to say that a lot of fashion designers are coming out in the industry every year & perhaps that might be the reason the prices of apparels are going up! Some modern variation of that famous cliché from Shakespeare, “let's kill all the lawyers“, might surface soon!! ;) Ok, bad joke, pardon me, lets move on. And while we are on fashion, it looks that smartphones etc. are sort of in thing. R.C.Mishra shows us his new HP iPaq.

Merasapna is telling that smoking is injurious to health. It just happens that one of my t-shirts, purchased recently, says “loosing weight, lung by lung” & has an old man smoking a cigarette. Don't think otherwise, I do happen to agree that smoking is not good & I don't smoke myself!! :) So if you do smoke, think about quitting it. :) The summers are hot, very hot in some places and a lot of parts of India are no different. So Hariram lists out some tips to keep your house cool this summer and I must say, having experienced a number of these myself, these tips do work. Manish's travelogue of his vacation to the Andaman and Nicobar Islands continues as he re-visits memory lane and takes us along for a ride to those beautiful isles and blue seas. It makes my resolution to visit those islands even stronger, I'll certainly go on a vacation there!! And Jagdish of Aaina(means “mirror” in hindi) has brought out another blog called Mazedaar Samachar which in Hindi means “Interesting News” and indeed he's blogging about quite interesting news stories, be it a married man caught with his girlfriend on live telecast by his brother-in-law or be it a member of Indian parliament caught by the Indian Railway Vigilance people taking along a gentleman on a ticket issued in the name of his wife! Mirchi Seth on the other hand, is telling everyone how money is made. And he's doing it by citing as example, Coca Cola's acquisition of Glaceu where 30 percent stake holder Tata Tea made a profit of around $500 million in just 9 months as they get about $1200 million for their stake which they got for about $677 million.

Sanjay @ Joglikhi wonders why so called wise people support something blindly without knowing anything about what they are supporting. Indeed, his frustration and anger is apparent in his post. At that, he's probably not far from being right when he says that a lot of NGOs etc are run by gangsters etc. to act as a shield for them and their men, because the most one can hear the human rights protagonists is when there's some criminal is to be hanged for a heinous crime or when a traitor is to be punished for his anti-national activities. As he puts it, Arundhati sees only the Indian armed forces in Kashmir, her impaired vision fails to see traitors & terrorists roaming in the valley killing innocent and those who have made it a living hell for the locals, not to mention the indulgence in anti social activities on Indian soil!! Perhaps the underlying meaning in her context is that she should stick to writing novels only, real life doesn't seem to be her cup of tea, or perhaps she is just another in that larger crowd of so called activists who crave for nothing but the limelight & always voice their opinions on issues they know are explosive but hardly care to stand by some commoner who can use their help in his/her fight for injustice just because the cameras & flash bulbs of the media won't be there to cover their un-glamourous faces!

Rachana has published her first podcast. Its a poem that she has sung(without background music) and even though it's in Hindi, I recommend listening to it. You might not make out what she's singing if you don't know Hindi, but you can enjoy it without understanding it as well!

After all this travel through last week's Hindi blog posts, I'm famished, how about you? Feeling hungry? Why not come along and check the first Hindi food blog, Spicy Ice. There's chinese, a word of caution about crap South-Indian cuisine served in a chain of restaurants called Sagar Ratna and a mention of tasty South-Indian food served in multinational chain Sarvana Bhawan. If the weather is too hot, try the home made mango ice-cream as Garima gives you her recipe. But that's not all, as Sameer shares his recipe of a cool cocktail that he made accidently! This is supposed to be a bilingual blog, so in future there'll be reviews and recipes blogged in English as well.

This concludes our look at last week's blog posts in the hindi blogosphere, sayonara!! :)

Links courtsey: Narad

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