Niger: environmental war

“Earlier this year, I mentioned the emergence of a new rebel movement among the Touareg minority in northern Niger. Since then, the Mouvement des Nigeriens pour la Justice (MNJ) has stepped up its activity, claiming responsibility for a pitched battle with government troops in March and a recent attack on a uranium exploration team,” writes The Head Heeb.


  • Nahantchi Djibril

    Talking about environement War,that is an ultimate reason to go to war in Niger Rep not only for MJN but for the entire Niger republic Community.
    However, It was clearly imposed by the Neocolonialistic act of COGEMA (FRANCE)that Niger has to WAR FOR NEO-INDEPENCE.
    As a mater of fact if a rebelion is defined by it’s goal, which should reflect a point of view of the community represented, Then MJN should rather be called MDN where D stands for destablisation.

  • Nahantchi Djibril


    Madam, Mister

    I hope sincerely that you will read this message.

    I will like to attract your attention on the following question:

    We hear little or not speaking of the crisis position in which is dived Niger for several months now and that is more and more disastrous every day.

    In fact, since February of this year, of sèvères agitations shake the north of the Republic of Niger. Of various sources mention numerous deaths- of which of the civil ones.

    This opposition between the rebel movement and the army already did too numerous innocent victims.

    There is several days, the president Tandja decreed the warn in the agadez region, this that means arrests, tortures and excécutions of civil innocent ones. The population is dived in the fear, insecurity and the psychosis.

    Among other reasons that would have been geniune to (a) MJN mouvement to apear is the corrupted nature of Niger administration, the enronmentale radiation scandale of AREVA’s uranium exploitation and the unfaireness of france in Niger rep uranium acquisition.

    Then here are other countries being very interested in the Niger uranium , in particular China, RIO-Tinto and the pressure climbs for that Niger opens it’s market, an exclusively reserved market to France for 40 years.
    That led to signature of 30 exploration and exploitation uranium permits in 2007, over which AREVA was proposed 9, to get onlly 4 out of it’s effort to maintain it’s monopolly.
    Let us note that 30% of the French electricity depends on uranium of Niger, controlled by Areva. The governement of Niger receives 27.300 FCFA/KG over 100% of it’s uranium exploitation from AREVA who then sells it on the world-wide market to 126.000 FCFA.

    Does it go therefore there to have interest conflict between the big world-wide powers? Without any doubt.

    And the rich ones will be able to enrich themselves on the back of the second to the poorest country in the world.

    !and there is a mouvement (MJN)! first speaking about radiation problem in the north and the coruption in the government which are a real preocupation in Niger .

    !then…ovious traces of AREVA implication in the mouvement…..!
    Why is there no body speaking about this?

    Isn’t that right a frightful and scandalous injustice?

    To all humanitarians here is the time to say no to Neocolosisation in Niger, no to the Mouvement of destabilisation of Niger and no to the Let’s go to war politique of Noger Gov.
    Thank you

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