China: Student hits teacher video

It might not be so shocking for those who went to a public high school in most places around the world, but a video entitled ‘Student hits teacher’ has brought a flood of comments consisting of rabid death and sexual assault threats—directed at all the kids in the classroom—racist slurs and even a RMB 5000 reward for anyone who can identify those seen in the short. Days later, names have been found and the internet manhunt is on.

A high school student's documentary‘ labels it one member of the Paowang BBS. Here's EastSouthWestNorth blogger Roland Soong's summary:

“The students were napping, talking, horsing around and one of them was roaming around filming. One student said: “This is the geography lesson. Watch the show.” Then he walked up to the teacher and removed the teacher's white hat. The class roared in laughter. Later, that student went up to the teacher and made for a physical confrontation. Another student threw a water bottle at the teacher while the first student yelled: “That stupid c*nt! Kill him!” The teacher just kept on with his lecture.”

The video can now be found at tv.Mofile. ‘Check out these pieces of garbage, everyone see the truth for yourself, don't be polite’ is how tv.Molive user XiaoXiao introduces the video which with has received over 100,000 and over twenty pages of comments, some of which have been translated below. For posterity's sake, the video has also been uploaded to YouTube and in just two days has also garnered over 100,000 views with over 150 pages of comments, many of which are in English, from Chinese viewers…

Starting with the first comment at tv.Molive:

游客 2007-5-25 21:01:43 没人性啊

Visitor, May 25, 21:03:43: Inhumane!

The most profane comments have not been translated here, but the language below is still often vulgar.

游客 2007-5-25 21:21:49 MD 这些还是学生吗
NND 就TMD一帮垃圾 来这里弄死你们

[expletive] are these students?
Are these humans?
These [expletive] are [expletive] just a bunch of trash. If they were here I'm kill them.

游客 2007-5-25 21:22:52 真是社会的渣滓

They really are the dregs of society.

游客 2007-5-25 21:32:28 也许等他们长大了会明白他们的行为是多么可耻 多么无知 道德沦丧!!也许永远不会.(曾经也是这样的一个学生的我 满复罪孽感 对以前的老师 说声 对不起!.)

Wait until they grow up and they might see just how shameless their behavior is. So ignorant. Morality is lost!! Or maybe they never will. (I was once a student just like them, always committing sins against my old teachers…I just want to say…sorry!)

游客 2007-5-25 22:30:44 有胆说出这是哪个学校吗??那个象畜牲一样的王八蛋学生叫什么名字??老子到那里来找他,看他又多牛!我叫他吃屎!!放倒他!!畜牲!!!他活在世上是多余的!!!

If you have the balls tell us where that school is!! That bastard of a beast student, what's his name?? I'll go down there and find him and then we'll see how cool he is! I'll make him eat shit! Take him down!! The beast!!! His life on this earth is just excess!!!

游客 2007-5-25 23:13:39

If you don't learn, blame the education
But you want to blame society because you don't respect your teachers?
Being old is not easy!
If his family, son or grandson saw the way you treat him they pull out a knife and chop you don't-know-your-heads-from-a-hole-in-the-grounds. [Expletive] now they have minors law protecting you at school, but once you come into society you [expletive] if you don't get your asses kick I'll come do it.

游客 2007-5-25 23:55:46 自以为自己爸爸妈妈有两破钱自己就是TMD大爷。拿无知当本事的一群社会垃圾。

You think your mom and dad have some money so now you're a big shot? You think ignorance is something to be proud of, you're garbage.

游客 2007-5-26 1:24:18 这是大陆么?这里真的是北京?垃圾填埋场吧?!口口声声说北京人素质高,高考录取分数低合情合理,我呸!和共产党一样垃圾!

Is this mainland China? Is this really Beijing? It must be a garbage landfill?! Beijingers like to say how cultured they are, that their low cutoff for the university entrance exam [compared to most of the rest of the country] is fair and reasonable. My ass! You're just as much garbage as the Communist Party!

游客 2007-5-27 21:17:18 当心gcd的网警…..

Watch out for the Communist Party's net cops…..

What you're not seeing here is the vast majority of the comments, all still very rage and violence. At this point the RMB 5000 bounty is put forth as increasing calls for someone to dig up the student's name and address are posted. Based on the accent in which the students speak, immediate speculation is that the school is either in Beijing or somewhere to its northeast, later said to be the former. Here's what was posted at tv.Molive:

游客 2007-5-26 19:22:11 北京市海淀区艺术职业学校 全能班

Beijing Arts Vocational School, Haiding District, comprehensive class

游客 2007-5-26 19:46:30 有认识的朋友看到以上的这群渣子男的往死里抽 女的往死里插

For anyone who knows the scum they saw above, beat the boys to death and screw the girls to death.

游客 2007-5-27 0:22:25 老天,我想全世界也只有中国会有这种事情发生了。

I think China is the only place in the world where something like this could happen.
I hope everyone spreads this video to every major bbs forum, give rise to widespread public fury and someone is bound to track these bastards down and kill them!

游客 2007-5-27 2:56:48 去百度海艺吧!
那里 资料更全!

Search for the school on Baidu! Much more information there!

Actually, a lot of the posts at the page the above user linked to are curses aimed at the webmaster for having deleted their previous posts on the subject.

游客 2007-5-27 12:51:43 MD,这群人渣,还不去死,上教育部网站找了半天也没找到邮箱和留言。

[Expletive], these scum, they're not dead yet. I spent an hour on the education website but couldn't find an e-mail or message box.

游客 2007-5-27 13:43:17

This is Beijing Art school, that [female] student is called Guo Xu.

游客 2007-5-27 13:49:39 一群什么玩意儿!!!

What do they think they're doing!!!!
Are these the students in our great capital?
Are they the hope of our motherland's future?
Are they the pillars of the Chinese people's future?
They've even lost the most basic respect for their teachers and educations. It's time for the country's education system to be reconsidered.

游客 2007-5-27 15:08:01 生气吗?我不生气!

Are you angry? I'm not!
These kids were made by incestuous parents!
Add to that their dirty environment, chaotic, inferior, unable to keep out the flies, bugs and dog shit. Their genes have mutated.
They've been spoiled rotten!!

游客 2007-5-27 22:03:36 弗吉尼亚理工大学应该多出几个抢手,到中国来把这些猪狗都毙了!!

Virginia Tech should round up a few more shooters and send them over to China to put bullets into these pig shits!!

游客 2007-5-27 22:56:03 这几个小子长大绝对是祸害,枪毙最好.我真的怒了,我很多外国朋友都看了这录象.他们都很愤怒.我30年第一次那么愤怒.

These kids are going to be a harm to society when they grow up; best to shoot them all now. I really am furious; many foreign friends have already seen this video they're furious too. This is the first time in my thirty years that I've ever felt so furious.

游客 2007-5-27 22:59:53 一直都觉得我们国家的教育整个变态了,没想到变态得这么严重!说到底是我们整个社会都病了!!~素质教育?这个的素质教育,真不知道十年,二十年后我们国家将变成傻样了?!~~

I've always felt there was something wrong with the education system in our country, I just didn't know it was so twisted! Tell me, has all of society gone mad?!! Quality character education? With character education like this who knows, in ten to twenty years if our whole country will be a country of morons?!~~

游客 2007-5-27 23:46:13 精英们责骂毛主席时代学生不尊重教师,现在没有人发动学生批斗老师了,怎么还敢有学生打教师呢?我们的教育到底出什么问题了?我为国家的未来担忧。

Elites scold the students of the Chairman Mao era for not respecting their teachers but now nobody's mobilizing students to gang up on teachers, so how do they dare hit a teacher? What exactly's gone wrong with our education? I'm worried about the future of our nation.

游客 2007-5-28 1:03:30 是北京海淀艺术职业学校的SB,已经找出了他们的名字,家庭地址,并且攻击了他们学校的网站…

They're [expletive]s at the Beijing Art Vocational School, their names and home addresses have already been found out, and people are attacking their school website
I hope we can focus everyone's strength and come together to launch an internet manhunt!

游客 2007-5-28 1:05:37 这TM是不是人?

Is that [expletive] even human?
Why don't you go home and hit your dad?
[Expletive] he's a [expletive][expletive]
I sent this to my local television station
The [expletive] people with money in China all give birth to garbage sons like this.

游客 2007-5-28 4:04:55
于悦(第1排-那-个-小-丑 耳-钉-男 绰-号 大-驴) PHONE:   郭-旭-女(拍-D-V,认-为这样很好玩让全-国-人-民1-起欣赏的那位). 海-淀-艺-术-职-业-学-校 高2(5)班 郭旭 Q–Q为3-7-3-0-2-5-2-8-4 电-话88977628 moble:  13661100088 耳环男家庭住址公布北京市石景山区老山西里首钢机电有限公司七层 家庭电话 010-88977268

Yu Yue (that clown in the front row with the earring's nick name is big donkey)
Phone: 13681590432

Guo Xu, female (the one filming…who thinks this is so fun, giving the whole country something to enjoy together)
Haiding Arts Vocational School
Class 5, Senior 2
Guo Xu
QQ: 373025284
Telephone: 88977628
Cell: 13661100088

The boy with the earring's home address has been made public:
7/F Shougang Machinery & Electrics Co. Ltd.
Laoshanxili, Shijingshan District
Home phone: 010-88977268

游客 2007-5-28 5:12:27

Is this appropriate? What if you're information is mistaken, won't you accidentally get the wrong person hurt?

游客 2007-5-28 8:30:54 你们不知道现在做老师有多难,学校和家长逼着要出成绩,学生又不肯学,平时就上课就是这样捣乱,男女学生谈恋爱,晚上出去开房间,考试成绩出来就是个位数,真不知道这样下去国家会变成什么样子

You don't know how hard it is being a teacher these days. The school and the parents only want to see high grades but the students don't care about studying. Normally coming to class means making trouble, the boys and girls all falling in love, at night they go out and open hotel rooms, test scores come back in the single digits. I really don't know what the country will become if things keep on like this.
Beijing Haiding Arts Vocational School
Provincial-grade top school
Principal: Wang Zhong
Address: #4 Third Ring Road West, north Haiding District
Postal code: 100088
Telephone: 62216908

游客 2007-5-28 10:26:13 拿摄影机的是什么人~他跟那些学生一个样,垃圾~真该把他们全发配到伊拉克去,一帮没有人性的东西

What sort of person is the one holding the camera? He's the same as the other students, garbage…they really should send all these kids to Iraq, the whole inhumane group of them

游客 2007-5-28 10:46:43 我是老师现在的初中就真那回事,我也教过地理,也让学让当课骂过,只因他上课玩火,我说了句,就让骂了!中国的这一段,我不敢想!中国的教育,我不敢想!老师的工资,永远没着落,这年头,有选择,谁愿意教书!过段时间,我也打算不教了,走了~

I'm a teacher. Even primary school is like this these days, really. I've taught Geography, and I've been sworn at in class. Only when he went to far playing around, I said a few things, swore too! China, now, I don't dare think about it! China's education, I don't dare think about it! Teacher's wages are never stable, in this day and age, now that we have choices, who's willing to go into teaching! Before long, I plan to stop teaching too, just leave…

One commenter, one of the handful to have registered a name, having chosen ‘Yu Yue's Grave’, writes:

我给那个小子建了 坟

I've dug that little punk a grave

And attaches in the comment this link, at which can be found this photo:

游客 2007-5-28 12:52:35 这就是中国丢弃几千年的传统教育而引进“先进的素质教育”的结果。

This is the result of China's having cast away several thousand years of traditional education just to bring in ‘progressive character education’.
This is also what happens when people wave their fingers at others, contrasting the ‘low character’ of others with the highness of the citizens of the capital, the lowest kind of behavior there is.
Which direction ought China's education be going? Your guess is as good as mine!
Though to tell the truth, I am a teacher. If this had happened in my classroom, there would have only been one result: I would have sacrificed my career to get back the respect that teachers deserve.
Faced with a scene like this, I'd just like to ask our media: will you continue to beat us teachers on the head with the responsibility stick?
If you have conscience, then please, in your anger, tell yourself and your friends that while they're teaching their own children, to be diligent. Never raise them to be like this.
Not just for yourself, but for this nation and society!
Thank you!

One last comment from tv.Molive, in English:

游客 2007-5-28 15:10:09 SONS OF BITCHES CHINESE TEACHERS DESERVE THESE…..lucky i wasn't there or else it couldv been way worse than that


  • What about looking at the other perspective – from the kid’s point of view. They are obviously ultra bored. This teacher is not even making an effort to control the classroom. By the look on everyone else’s face, this kid is a bully/troublemaker. Take care of that problem, and you earn your classroom’s respect. They are obviously scared of him too. I’ve seen worse classrooms and worse behaviors. But there are ways to deal with it. A good start is engaging the kids and not pretending they don’t exist.
    Just a thought.

  • The respect of elders/teachers should come from within. I am surprised that this happened in China, which has completely shielded itself from western culture.

  • american joe

    this is disgusting. pull it together china. we’re still rooting for you.



  • Lei Fungus

    So western culture is the copyright owner of classroom violence and idiotic behavior? Frog at the bottom of the well. What makes ‘eastern culture’ better? Why does this have to be made into you and they? You’d be surprised if you knew 1% of what really happpens in a country where the media is controlled by the central gov’t creating a harmonious society. But your first sentence is right, Sharique

  • mahathir_fan

    what i don’t understand is, if they have the balls to do this sort of things in class, why not just skip school entirely? why bother going to school at all?

  • Agraham S.

    Just an ultra-boring dull teacher in an ultra-bored class-room, and two bullies.

    So what is all the bragging around? It just looks exactly like the kind of think that can happen in a Japanese classroom, a Confucian country too. When respect comes from moral order and not from an educational perspective or personal development, brain-washed kids let their energy out on the weakened one when they get a chance. They look like red guards, more or less.

    The netizen’s reaction is pathetic too. But it’s not a big surprise. Blaming the effects instead of the reasons is a local specialty. It’s what they do best.

  • Leon

    these kids must been given some lessons, I really disapointed at the education system of China, look at these so called ‘the fulture of the nation’, my heart feel hurt, somebody in the administration of education must response for this, the education reform of the authorities is such a failure.

  • JIM

    There are biol with rage in my heart!I rarely believe that he is a middle student. So I yet really disapointed at education system of China.

  • JIM


  • Alma

    This HAD to happen one day. It is the logical result of one child policy. Now all those little “emperors” have been given everything, since most of them are being raised by their granparents!
    What do you expect from a single child that has been brought by grandparents who has been through the worst in their young age (Cultural revolution, war, hunger)? They give EVERYTHING to their grandchildren and SPOIL them. Does anybody think those kids know what is the meaning respect or even authority? Those kids at some point don’t even respect their parents whom by the way are too busy making money.

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