27 May 2007

Stories from 27 May 2007

Russia: Vacationing Survey

Russian-language LJ community eco_altai is a place for fans of ecotourism in Russia's Altai Republic to meet and share impressions and beautiful pictures. Right now, an interesting survey is being conducted there: on vacationing in the Russian Federation. Read on to learn some of the results.

Iran:A more divided country

Digital Kalashinkov,blogger and journalist, says[Fa] Iranian society becomes more fragmented everyday.The blogger writes there is a growing gap between elites and masses.He adds religion and nationalism can not anymore bring together the majority of people. He says country becomes divided based on ethnicity.

Iran:Ultra Conservative Ayathollah Goes to Waterloo

Ultra conservative Ayatollah Messbah Yazdi is invited to the Waterloo university by the Mennonites.A petition has been launched to protest about this invitation.”We're not against dialogue but the Mennonites[Waterloo University] are naive if they think they can open one with these people,” says Haideh Moghissi, a York University sociologist who...

Syria: Presidential Referendum and Lebanon Clashes

Today, Syria is reelecting president Bashar Assad for a new seven-year term in office. The process is done through a referendum, which means there will be no other challengers. The referendum paper has a green circle that says "Yes" and a gray one that says "No". The result is expected to be 99.xx% in favour of the president - as is the tradition in Syria for the last 37 years. Yazan Badran sums up the reactions of Syrian bloggers here.

Venezuela: Bloggers Mobilize For and Against the End of Transmission of Radio Caracas Television.

  27 May 2007

Radio Caracas Television's (RCTV) broadcast license was not renewed by the Venezuelan government, which opened up two fronts within the Venezuelan blogosphere. Blogs were created with the sole purpose to discuss this topic, and there was very little room for gray area. Bloggers normally took one of two sides, either "I am with RCTV" (for) or "RCTV from the Inside" (against), which produced thousands of blog entries on the subject.

Korea: Bloggers are not reporters

  27 May 2007

On the 19th of this month, one of the major internet portal sites announced the new period of blog journalism in Korea. Their section, media daum blogger news which opened last November, like other portal sites chose blogger reporters within their portal site, and showed news from their own blogger...

What terms for parents are popular in Korea

  27 May 2007

A blogger discovered what terms for parents are popular in Korea through the search engines of several major portal sites. According to the table and graph that he (she) made, father (a-beo-ji) is used more than dad (a-bba) and, on the other hand, mom (eom-ma) is used more than mother...

Whatever Roh Moo-hyun says is unbearable!

  27 May 2007

Whatever Roh Moo-hyun says is unbearable! A blogger criticized how conservative media distort what he says, showing how major media source interpreted his speech comparing the whole speech of his when he attended the launching ceremony of the destroyer ‘se-jong-dae-wang-ham’ on the 25th.

Love for students and rapper trainee teacher.

  27 May 2007

Love for students and rapper trainee teacher. Finishing his practice teaching at a middle school, a trainee teacher expressed his love for students with a rap song which he composed and made it into a video clip on the internet. It was hit more than 65,000 times so far. Students...

The best strategy to lose weight.

  27 May 2007

The best strategy to lose weight. A year ago, a blogger bought a bicycle and commuted to work on it. He shows a graph of his weight for a year, which makes it clear that bicycling caused his weight to drop (and then to rise again when he stopped temporarily)....