Morocco blocks popular video site YouTube

Early this morning, the news broke across the blogosphere that Morocco has joined the ranks of countries like Iran and Tunisia, which already block YouTube. A Moroccan in Washington D.C. posted:

“According to postings online and friends in Morocco, access to Youtube is blocked. Nobody knows the reason for this. Whatever the reason is, it is the wrong step to take. Youtube is a high profile website and the news will be broadcast everywhere tarnishing the image of a tolerant Morocco and causing a setback to the reforms that Morocco has been undergoing under the young and reformist king. Blocking websites has proved to be a technique with many limitations in Saudi Arabia ,China and Thailand and the same thing will happen in Morocco.
It's quite saddening to see such a thing happening in Morocco;a country that has made giant steps in freedoms and socio-economic reforms in the span of short 8 years.”


  • Keith Kadmirovsky

    A democratic seed needs to grow gradually in order for a young democracy like Morocco to blossom and have no undesirable side effects. In the USA, our government at times imposes non-democratic short term rules to prevent harmful domino effects. I believe the Moroccan forces of democracy have already created an unstoppable “Democratic Momentum” that will eventually propagate throughout its Moorish brotherhood mainly in Andalusia, Algeria, Tunisia, and Lybia. If the Moroccan government is preventing YouTube from infecting young Moroccan minds, it is only for the good of the country. Obviously there are ways to bypass most of IP obstacles with the “savoir faire” .

  • elmahdi oummih


    Censorship gernerally does not work. I do not believe that the government is directly involved in this censorship. I believe that it is most likely some clerical error committed by a lower level government employee.

    Morocco has enjoyed a great deal of democratic reforms in the past 8 years. We have seen Marriage laws passed that prevent underage girls from being married off without their consent. Morocco is one of the few Arab countries where a woman can initiate divorce proceedings. It is also one of the few countries where toursits do not have to fear for their safety. Moroccans are known for the generosity and hospitality the world over. We have seen an incredible growth in terms of economic prosperity for the average citizen. More Moroccans own cars, T.V’s and computers now than at any other point in it’s history.

    The Average Moroccan makes and saves more than double the amount in terms of real disposable income than they did just 8 years ago. This is phenomenal from an economic point of view and indicative of the type of positive changes that have come to characterize the country over the past 8 years.

    YOUTUBE is free advertising. It allows prospective tourists to be able to get a glimpse at the myriad of cultural activities that await them in any of the wonderful cosmopolitan centers that adorn the country. I am certain that this Ban on YOUTUBE was a clerical error that will be corrected immediately.

    It is in the Countries interests to show the rest of the world that Morocco boasts a free, tolerant democratic society that can stand up to even the most mean spirited, jaded unwarranted attacks. The proof as they say is in the pudding. Morocco is better off now than it was 8 years ago and if the administration saw fit to temporarily block YOUTUBE, i trust their judgement wholeheartedly as it must be for National Security interests.

  • elmahdi oummih

    I hate to say I told you so, but i did. Morocco is a free and open society. Now I want all Moroccans reading this to go to YOUTUBE and upload something wonderful about Morocco. Show the world all of the wonderful things that Morocco has to Offer.

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