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Honduras: President Orders Private Media Stations to Air Government Propaganda

Categories: Latin America, Honduras, Freedom of Speech, Media & Journalism

Honduran President Manuel Zelaya recently announced that all private media stations will be required to air messages from the government in order to counterbalance the incorrect and unfair information provided by the media. La Gringa's Blogicito wonders whether it will be the same situation as years ago, when people will no other choice than to hear the government's message [1] because the other cable channels were ordered off the air during these two hours. Aaron Ortiz, who writes in Pensieve, states, “Mel complains about the power of the media, and he has a point, because they are controlled by the rich upper class. Nevertheless, he is abusing his power by forcing them to present political propaganda, which carries the authority of the Honduran state. This only heightens his paranoia and his martyr mentality [2].”