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Palestine: Waiting for the Dreadful Conclusion

Categories: Middle East & North Africa, Palestine, War & Conflict

Palestinian blogger Laila Al Haddad updates us [1]on life in Gaza.
“I can't sleep. I get up maybe once every two hours. Go to the bathroom, walk around a little, and then doze off again. Only to be awakened by the drones, followed by the manic hovering of helicopter gunships.
This time they were directly over our apartment building. I would have been afraid, except this happened once before, maybe two years ago. Panicked and fearful at the time, I called my cousin, who re-assured me that when an Apache is directly overhead, it means its intended target is about 500 metres to one kilometre away. It is information I wish I did not know.
So this time, I didn't flinch. I just waited for the dreadful conclusion,” she writes.