India: Dera Sacha Sauda and I

I, Me, Myself on the political angle to the Dera Sacha Sauda controversy, and a personal recollection. “Then, one day, while he was at the Dera premises, he was poisoned and his corpse delivered home in a tractor-trolley on the next. The father, the devout follower that he was, refused to file a case of murder with the police and also forbade the rest of the family from doing so.”


  • vaibhav agarwal

    i want to answer Mr. Dhillon that why has it amazed you if some body is thinking Dera chief as a lord…….
    Is it not the fundamental right of a citizen of india to have his independent thinking ?
    True lord is one who shows right path and follows it himself. He doesn’t ask for any favour(money or land etc) from his followers in return of his numerous blessings.
    he preaches earning money through hard work(not through corruption) , love all religions and follow the teachings
    of religion(not just showing the symbols of religion)
    dera strongly believes in “manas ki jaat sabh ako pehchanvo”
    when all are manas(human beings) then from where comes
    the question of copying any religion?
    dera mein sabhi dharmo ki teachings par amal karaya jata
    hai. buraiyon ko chudaya jata hai, isliye burai se jude logo ko apna vajood khatam hota dikhai de raha hai aur voh
    sant ji par gande aaroop laga rahe hai..
    aisa to yugo se chalta aa raha hai
    par ant mein jeet sachai ki hoti hai .
    aaj samaj mein kisi ke bolne se koi nasha nahi chodta
    par dera mein koi bhi nashedi 7days ke ander(sewa karte hue) nasha chod deta hai ,kya yeh kahin aur sambhav hai.
    satsang mein guruji ke ek avahaan par hajaro log cigrattes ,bidi, jarda etc ke packets jeb se nikal kar
    phek dete hai, kya kisi sadharan aadmi ke kehne se aisa
    koi nashedi aisa karta hai.
    sach to yeh hai ki agar duniya mein kahin koi sacha guru
    hai to woh yahi par hai.

  • Sneha

    Well i have read the views of all of you and all i can say is People have a lack of knowledge about the Dera. People are saying what they have got to know from other people…..i must tell u dear, if there is any truth in these kinda cases then y cant CBI submit their report from the past 5 years???

    I got naamdaan in 1994 and since then i am visiting the Dera every month and that too alone! i never find such kinda incidence occurring there.

    and Dhillon Bhai i think u have some kind of personal enemity with Dera, or Aditya Insaan ji, thats y you are saying this…i am damn sure if he will read your message he’ll burst into laughter…coz it seems like its been written by a kid…who got angry from his parents coz they refused to buy the toy he was willing to buy :)


    I agree with views of Sneha, people do not have knowledge how welfare activities Dera Sacha Sauda is doing. No one even mention that Dera has saved thousands of lives by way of Blood donation and other welfare activities. If we look at history It happens with every true Saint is opposed by Powers of Kaal to stop the parchar of truth. But always truth won and same will be proved in near future. The people writing against Dera are basically under the influence of Kaal that’s why they are writing fabricated and false stories to defame the pious organisation.

  • parampitaji

    This person might be doing all the welfare activities but as far as being religious is concerned he doesn’t know a,b,c of religion, u can tell just by looking at his fat face. This person is a politician. Poor people who follow him need some hope and he is exploiting that.

  • Genuine

    I agree with ‘CONFUSED’, but at the same time I do question the authenticity of the incident mentioned in the blog. Just as it is possible for a user to post different comments with different IDs, it is very much possible for any anti DSS person(in this case, our author) to write about just anything. And the same article has been posted at a number of sites, as I have verified that…..WHAT IS THE CREDIBILITY OF THE MATTER BEING PUBLISHED BY YOU HERE AS WELL AS IN OTHER SITES???

    I would request you to stop playing this dirty game here on the internet.

    IT IS 100% SURE THAT YOU HAVE COOKED UP THE STORY, although i am not sure whether the motives are political or personal, or may be you are feeling insecurity for Sikhism. The fact is that DSS respects each religion and is not against any, infact it is taught to follow one’s own religion.

    I promise to sponser your entire trip for a visit to DSS in case you want to see the truth for yourself(IN CASE YOU ACTUALLY WANT TO ). Have the guts to come and see it for yourself.


    Kahibe ko shobha nahin, dekhat hi parwaan.


  • Genuine

    Here I am again…see i had told you SidhuSaaheb, that probably your current target of life is to spread this lie about DSS….but my dear brother, I would still pray to God that may he give you the knowledge and power to distinguish between right and wrong, and follow the path of truth, of divinity.

    for all those in doubt, please visit the sites of DSS:

  • I leave it to the discretion of the readers, whether or not to believe what I have written about a personal experience.

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