India: Dera Sacha Sauda and I

I, Me, Myself on the political angle to the Dera Sacha Sauda controversy, and a personal recollection. “Then, one day, while he was at the Dera premises, he was poisoned and his corpse delivered home in a tractor-trolley on the next. The father, the devout follower that he was, refused to file a case of murder with the police and also forbade the rest of the family from doing so.”


  • Mukesh Kumar

    Dera Sacha Sauda is a pious institution. I am here for some years. Such thing never happened. All this is an attempt to defame the pious institution. That’s all.

  • My grandfather’s cousin was poisoned at the Dera in 1982.

    I’m sure that this can be established if my family decides to open a police investigation even today.

  • divaker

    I hope you have the right information about the organisation. Because blaming someone for Murder might take you to court or is it your personal wish to get famous by the current fire against the religious body ?

  • I am absolutely confident and it is I and my family who have not yet chosen to take anyone to court for 25 years, rather than the other way round. It is we who did not file a complaint with the police.

    By the way, the Dera and its followers are already in the dock for murder, rape and much else, as reported widely in the media, and the truth will be brought out very soon, I hope, for all to see.

    I don’t know how many people realise the trauma that a family goes through when a member is murdered.

    If it was my wish to get famous, all I had to do was to simply call a press conference and been on most television news channels and newspaper front pages by now.

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  • sant Dhillon


    This in in response to Mukesh kumar and Divaker. I know Dera chief through the fach that his son is married to Harminder Jassi, an MLA and his daughter is married to son of Prof. Gurdas Sidhu from Bathinda who is from my mother’s village. I also know their spokesman Aditya Insaan.

    The people running this Dera are criminals and have gotten lots of wealth, power. Though, I do not whether the entire management is like that. I have few questions that people should think about. If the dera chief is spiritual, why does he need Mercedez cars ? If the dera is peaceful, why do they need security and are distributing weapons to its followers ?
    The word ‘sacha sauda’ comes from Guru Nanak whose father gave him money to do business and instead he gave that oney to the poor that is scaha sauda, what is the dera doing for poor ?
    This dera ia cult and should be banned.

  • Ranjodh

    Pyari sadh-sangat ji, as you are very well aware of the disturbance and turmoil created by Sikh Community just in the name of dress code & ‘Jaam-E-Insan’ and all this have hurt the sentiments of our satsangi brothers who are in every corner of the world in the number of crores. But everybody, who is a true devotee of Dera Sacha Sauda, knows that there was no imitation of dress and jaam-ceremony performed by Hazoor Pita Ji and Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji. Infact, Dera has been made a target of some bad elements who are full of revenge, discord and jealousy of the growing popularity of Dera. Today some people in Sikh Community are seen quarelling in the name of religion and all this is encouraged by those misled persons who want power and money at any cost. Whether they may be the selfish politicians or the drug mafias who suffered loss in their business when the people, inspired by the preachings of Hazoor Pita Ji, left every type of addiction and evil. They may be the so-called religious leaders who fill their pockets by the offerings and donations given by innocent and ignorant people in the name of God, and all satsangis have stopped this practice as PitaJi strongly asserts that God is not hungry of anybody’s money, He is the supreme power. But some anti-social elements befool common people, drag them in the fire of communal riots and relish the whole devastating scenario standing aside. What else should it be called other than ‘kalyug’ or ‘the horrible age’ in which pious souls are defamed by mean politicians. The Akalis are degrading themselves by burning effigies of PitaJi, abusing and insulting the pious photos of PitaJi, creating fear among satsangi brothers with brandish swords and burning their homes and Deras and much more. This is really intolerable for any devotee of Dera Sacha Sauda but still our satsangis are moving ahead on the path of non-violence as preached by Hazoor PitaJi and enthusiastically organizing blood donation camps, taking oath to donate whole body after death and the body parts like the kidney, liver, bone marrow alive.
    True saints are always firm like a rock and so their words too. As Param PitaJi had said once:
    “Jise Satguru Ji apni nazar mehar se pooran karte hain aur unse woh kaam lete hain jiske liye duniya wale soch bhi nahin sakte.” So whatever is happening, is the plays of God, which the worldly people can’t understand practically. A true devotee is the one who has firm belief in his Satguru and nobody can move him from his righteous and truthful path. It has always happened since the ages ago, when anyone tried to eradicate evils and establish a healthy and religious society, the evil or negative forces always stood against him, tried to crush him but truth always remains unaffected. As an elephant moves, the dogs bark, but the elephant remains unaffected and keeps on moving gracefully.
    One can never forget the precious vachans uttered by Pita Ji time and again:
    “Je Banda Aakhe Tera Haan, Te Ghaat Nahin Rehandi Bande Noo” means if one dedicates oneself completely to the Almighty then God also fills one’s life with His innumerable blessings and there remains no lacking. But our Lord is so benevolent that without asking anything in return He has always been showering His blessings upon us. So it is the time for hollow persons to show their back and run away but for any devoted person it is time to express his true love, feeling of sacrifice and devotion towards his Lord. History witnesses – Ultimately truth wins and the evil-doers surrender and plead for forgiveness. So there remains no space for any doubt or fear as our Lord is Pooran (Perfect). Whosoever maintains complete trust in his Satguru, the Satguru takes care and stands by him forever.
    Remember: Sacha Sauda has always true to its name, its ultimate aim lies in spreading the message of God which is the true service to humanity. And it shall continue to forge ahead and progress in its mission under the superb guidance and surveillance of His Holiness ‘Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan’.
    “Saare Jahan Mein Hoga Ek Hi Naam
    Shah Satnam, Shah Satnam…………”

  • sunny singh

    Dera sacha sauda, its obviously a cult. The indian govt has something to do with this, most likely. They probably told the leader to piss off the sikhs, so that sikhs can be labeled as terrorists/criminals, and the indian government can once again attack the sikhs, just like in 1984.

  • D singh

    waheguru ki khalsa waheguru ji fateh
    i am not agree the ranjodh he is only brainwashed person every relgion got on way of belive none of the relgion say belive in the dera people who do not trust there mind. or weak thinking they go on dera
    i would like to advice to all sikh sangat
    sab sikhon ko hukam hai guru manio grath

  • sant Dhillon

    It is amazing Mr. Ranjodh thinks that DSS chief is a lord ? If the DSS chief is the ultimate truth, why does he need to copy other religions ?
    Anyway Ranjodh fails to answer any of the questions I raised, instead he’s talking his own stuff.

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