22 May 2007

Stories from 22 May 2007

Sudan: I wish the damn thing was freaking televised

  22 May 2007

Sudanese Thinker wishes the debate on Darfur was televised: “Told ya! I just wish this damn thing was freaking televized. I’m expecting a heated debate to go down especially since the Sudanese Ambassador to the U.N. is going to be present. I predict that he’ll get banged with many questions....

India: We are talking Bollywood

  22 May 2007

If you can't beat them, join them appears to be the motto of Eros, which distributes Bollywood films outside India. Eros has decided to partner with YouTube and has created a Bollywood Channel. Eros will share its content and in the process make some money. Krishworld writes: This is the...

India: At the Delhi airport

  22 May 2007

Dateline Bombay on struggling through the queues and rush at the Delhi airport. “There is just one long line to enter the immigration area. And it takes a long time. Guess why ? Not because the immigration guys are dragging their feet. Not quite. Because for every four guys from...

India: Reviewing Protocols of Zion

  22 May 2007

Dispatches from Zembla on a documentary called Protocols of Zion. “Most of the footage and interviews shown in the film are truly frightening and to ignore them as works of a lunatic fringe will be a serious mistake. Having said that, the film doesn't really get into really troubled waters,...

Bhutan: It's all in Delhi

  22 May 2007

Bhutan: For a Democracy publishes a reader's email that points to the trouble in South Asia being caused by India. “In conclusion what I would like to point is that the solution of problems in countries like Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka should not be sought inside their boundries but they...

Bhutan: Layap Community

  22 May 2007

Stunning photographs of the Layap community at Earth-Bound Insight. “My cousin, whom I’ve already mentioned as the one who took pictures of the Motithang batch, sent more photographs from his trip to Lingzhi. They had snow fall as they were crossing the pass above 5400meters above Sea level. And now...

Pakistan: Any woman in two minutes

  22 May 2007

Metroblogging Islamabad with some insight into the not too successful Prime Minister. “Shaukee's charm failed to work its magic on US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, according to a new biography of her. The book, titled Twice as Good: Condoleezza Rice and Her Path to Power. describes in excruciating detail...

Japan: Bridging the Generation Gap

  22 May 2007

What with all the news last week of beheadings, shoot-outs and baby dumping — and subsequent soul-searching on the part of Japanese bloggers, at a loss for what to make of the nation's younger generation — I felt that it would be appropriate this week to highlight a slightly more...

What is your blood type?

  22 May 2007

What is your blood type? That's a big deal in Korea. Why? Your personality can be inferred from your blood type at once. lyh809 is one of the most serious bloggers with cartoons. Look at why blood type A is timid, how each blood type reacts to sadness, seven behaviors...

Anger of residents at I-cheon in South Korea

  22 May 2007

Anger of residents at I-cheon in South Korea. The Ministry of National Defense announced that military units will move to I-cheon from Songpa due to its new-city development plan. About 1,300 local residents at I-cheon got together and held a wild demonstration[ko].

Egypt: Update on Ayman Nour's Trial

“The case on releasing Ayman Nour based on medical grounds were up in court today. The judge of the administrative tribunal postponed it until a new medical committee from the justice ministry could examine him further. The next court date is set for 12 June,” writes Ibn Al Dunya from...

Egypt: On Israeli-Palestinian Relations

‘Another, other, other, depressing slide downward in the Middle East: “Hamas declared open war on Israel yesterday, pledging to renew suicide bombings after Israeli leaders vowed to kill senior politicians from the militant movement, including Ismail Haniya, the Palestinian Prime Minister” (The Times) Is it just me, or wouldn't a...

Israel: Candy Warning

Israeli blogger David Bogner isn't happy with candy he bought at a local store. His advice to his readers is: “Look, a word to the wise. Stay away from ‘Klipp Klapp ACE-FIT’ candies… and for G-d sakes, stay the hell away from anything containing Isomalt. Unless, of course, you enjoy...

Israel: Household Appliances Trouble

Israeli blogger Yael is having trouble with her household appliances. “The only things that haven’t broken in any way that I got from that place is the microwave which hasn’t really had a chance to break since it has been largely used as a convenient cabinet that the cats can’t...

French Polynesia's Beauty Pageant Fever

  22 May 2007

In May, French Polynesia, where even the smallest island communities host their own beauty pageants, choose a new Miss Tahiti, a Miss Pirae, and a Miss Dragon. The islands have seen a proliferation of pageants in recent years, including a “Miss Hinano,” named for a Tahitian beer, and a “Miss...

Bahrain: Censoring Flesh

Bahraini blogger emoodz jumped the gun and accused a daily paper of censoring ‘flesh’. He later amended his error when another blogger Cradle of Humanity pointed out that American anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan in fact dressed up in long sleeves.

Trinidad & Tobago: Political Scandals

  22 May 2007

“Trinidad and Tobago has to be the most exciting place on earth without a war”: Trinidad and Tobago girls, politics, sports, technology, carnival and lifestyle examines recent political scandals, adding that the whole sordid affair “reads like an episode of ‘Allo Allo'”.