21 May 2007

Stories from 21 May 2007

Ukraine: Deportation of Crimean Tatars Anniversary

Belatedly, a link to J. Otto Pohl's post on the deportation of the Crimean Tatars on May 18, 1944: “The NKVD and NKGB took the unsuspecting Crimean Tatars to rail stations and stuffed them into train wagons designed for the transport of freight and live stock. The Soviet security organs...

Russia: Blog Ranking

Krusenstern, host to the Blog-Carnival Russian Media (in 11 days now!), posts a ranking of Russia blogs (in German), and Siberian Light writes about it in English.

Poland: Roma Photo Exhibit

“Strolling through the Saski Park in Warsaw this morning, by pure accident, I came across wonderful open air photo exhibition on Polish Roma,” writes Olia Yatskevich of TOL's Romantic and posts some photos.

Iran:Violence against Women Goes On

According to[Fa] Kanoune Zanan,Iranian police continues its crackdown on women’s dress and there is a new victim.A young woman was beaten by police in Tehran. A citizen could take a few photos of her.People could make her got rid of the security forces who wanted to force her in their...

Lebanon: Violent Clashes and an Explosion

The clashes between the Lebanese army and the organization of Fatah al Islam, as well as the explosion in Ashrafieh (Beirut), took precedence over all other news and blog posts in almost all of the blogs during the past two days, reports our Beirut author Moussa Bashir. Read the full article to digest the size of calamities in Lebanon in the eyes of its bloggers.

Africa: Afrigator gets better

  21 May 2007

Afrigator update from Mike Stopforth: “When we launched Afrigator – Africa’s first social media aggregator – a month and a bit ago, truth be told, we knew there was much we had not had enough time to perfect. However, the decision between it not being perfect and us losing out...

Mali: revisiting traditional medicine

  21 May 2007

Timbuktu Chronicles: Revisiting traditional medicine; “In the capital Bamako there is a laboratory where researchers spend their working days studying the medicinal effects of plants brought in from around the country – selected on the advice of traditional healers. The laboratory has been established by the Malian government which is...

Algeria: Election Results

Algerian blogger Nouri updates us on the results of the Algerian elections here. “As would be expected, voter turn-out was low with only 6.6 million votes cast out of an electorate of some 19-odd million Algerians (36.51%). Of those votes cast, 14.5% were spoiled,” he notes.

Sri Lanka: On the Hijab

  21 May 2007

Married With Kids on wearing the Hijab and the changes in people's behaviour towards her. “My family, as a whole is not overly into religious identity, and stuff, and opt for a more secular look. I did too, but, somehow, a change within, was happening for quite a while when...

Qatar: Rising Cost of Living

Writing from Qatar Serendipity links to a news article about the rising cost of living in the Arabian Gulf state. “When it was just affecting expats, the companies didn't seem to care too much, but now that inflation is biting at the Qatari population too, does this mean employers are...