20 May 2007

Stories from 20 May 2007

Japan: Background to Constitutional Revision

  20 May 2007

Japan Observer has posted a long and very thoughtful entry outlining the history and politics of the constitutional revision debate in Japan. On the future of the debate, JO writes: “[W]ith the collapse of organized opposition to revision within the political system, the only potential source of opposition is from...

Madagascar: solar power in Madagascar

  20 May 2007

From AfriGadget: “A small company in Madagascar is working to get electricity to rural areas of the island. This video shows them taking the solar panels around in a van to show people how it works and educate the children on solar power. It’s an interesting video, especially near the...

Zimbabwe: despite severe inflation…

  20 May 2007

Is Zimbabwe still moving forward?, asks David Kobia: “Africa is truly a continent of insoluble contradictions. Zimbabwe's largest mobile operator, Econet has introduced 3G (Third Generation) cellular service to the capital – Harare. So far there are only 2 other countries offering the service on the continent, South Africa and...

Kenya: free wi-fi in Nairobi

  20 May 2007

Kenyan Pundit announces free wi-fi in Nairobi, Kenya: “Apparently KDN is offering free wi-fi in Nairobi (think it’s a promotion for their Butterfly product). It’s supposed to last through the end of the month. If you have a wi-fi enabled laptop, PDA etc. just search for the essid butterfly and...

Botswana: impact of brain-drain on aviation industry

  20 May 2007

The face of brain-drain: “I found this document the other day at the Air Botswana check-in counter at the recently renamed O.R. Tambo International Airport, Jo'burg. It reads: “NOTICE TO AIR BOTSWANA PASSENGERS & STAKEHOLDERS Air Botswana apologises sincerely to passengers who are affected by the current disruption to its...

UAE: Student Band Rocks!

“Dubai rockers Asking Alexandria dropped into the studio and we filmed their live performance. They're about to start a 9 month tour of the UK and they've been asked to play 4 songs on MTV Europe's segment on Dubai. Not bad for a bunch of students from the UAE, one...

Zimbabwe: Remember Murambatsvina!

  20 May 2007

This is Zimbabwe remembers Murambatsvina: “In the dead of winter, just like Stalin, one his heroes, Bob set the armed forces on defenceless families and brought in the bulldozers to throw them into the street. Within a matter of weeks, 700 000 people were living in the open, exposed to...

Japan: Mail from Henoko

  20 May 2007

dr.stonefly reprints an email sent by an activist in Henoko, urging the readers to take direct action in the protest against the marine survey. The email describes a fierce collision between the authorities and the peaceful demonstrators on boats and canoes. [Ja]

Which father is my real father?: Japan's 300-day rule

  20 May 2007

In early May, the Japanese government announced that it will take a special measure to recognise children born within 300 days of their mother's divorce, given that the mothers became pregnant after divorce. This announcement came after a group of divorced women with children raised the issue on the current...

Russia: “Discrimination”

It sometimes takes more than money and time to have your computer fixed in Moscow: good looks, lots of patience and a special sense of humor may prove helpful as well. LJ user kmaka reports on a recent conversation with a technical support service representative.

Bahrain: Politicians Attacked by Riot Police

“Riot police attacked a seminar this evening in support of Hassan Mushaima and Abdulhadi Alkhawaja. They used tear gas and rubber bullets. According to some online reports, Waad’s Ibrahim Sharif was injured, possibly by a rubber bullet, and had to be taken to hospital….This attack comes just a day after...

Kuwait: Food, Protocol and Dust Storms

What is the difference between Chicken Majboos and Chicken Biryani? How do you react when you are suddenly face to face with the Amir (Ruler) of Kuwait? And how do you survive a dust storm? These are just some of the issues Kuwaiti bloggers are discussing this week and which Abdullatif Alomar keeps us updated with.

Hong Kong: From Indecent Student Magazine to Indecent Bible

  20 May 2007

The campaign against the Bible was started by an anonymous website, truthbible, on 15 of May to protest against the Obscene Articles Tribunal's (OAT) internim ruling that two issues of Chinese University's student paper were indecent. Uptill now, the website has received 2041 complaints, while the Television and Entertainment Licensing...

Chile: External Vote Rejected

  20 May 2007

Notas Al Margen [ES] reports on the rejection of the proposal that would allow Chileans living abroad to receive the right to vote. Some variations on the proposal called for new voters to register every five years, where they would need to travel back to Chile during this time period....