19 May 2007

Stories from 19 May 2007

Russia: Dissenters’ March in Samara

On Friday, police at Moscow's Sheremetyevo Airport prevented Russian opposition leaders Garry Kasparov and Eduard Limonov from boarding a flight to Samara, where they planned to take part in the Dissenters' March, scheduled to coincide with the Russia-EU Summit. The march did take place, but it was something of a failure - according to one blogger who was there, at least.

Iran:No Lawyer for Haleh Esfandyari

In Free Haleh blog we read that two days ago Nobel Laureate lawyer Shirin Ebadi had agreed to defend Haleh but the latest news is that Iranian authorities are denying Ebadi’s request to represent Haleh – and denying access to Haleh in prison. Dr. Haleh Esfandiari is the Director of...

Iran:News in Photos

Kamanagir has published several photos about daily “life” in Iran or recent events.You can see a Tehrani cab driver decorates his cab with a halter or you csn discover Iranian police is seriously pursuing an anti-gang program in Tehran. The program is followed by punishment in the streets, including marching...

Beheadings, Shoot-outs and Baby Dumping: Where is Japan heading?

  19 May 2007

News stories covered this week by the mainstream news media in Japan have shaken Japanese society, with many wondering where their country is heading and what has happened to the nation's youth. Most sensational among these stories is the shocking tale of a high-school boy who killed and beheaded his...

Uzbekistan: Pop Politics

Registan.net discusses an Uzbek pop star's anger at the daughter of the country's president. The singer believes that her fame is being used by the president's daughter to build up a bid for the presidency later this year.

Cameroon: Diaspora-homeland collaboration in online publishing

  19 May 2007

A success story of Diaspora-homeland collaboration: “The Post’s collaboration between the hard copy as content provider and its US-based site owners as administrator, demonstrates an alternative (even if unconventional) model of publishing online. It simultaneously illustrates how the skills of the Cameroonian diasporic community are being appropriated towards the homeland...