Vietnam: Buying Apple Computer in Vietnam

The strong economic growth in Vietnam is attracting foreign brands. The Unofficial Apple Weblog posts pictures of the latest Apple authorized store in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon).


  • Tony Magnifico

    I am traveling to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam and planning to move there. Please tell me if I can purchase Apple laptops and service them in a Apple store here in Vietnam

  • THomas Hamilton jp

    I am traveling to Ho Chi Minh City,and all over Vietnam and was planning to purchase am Apple laptop in a Apple store in Vietnam, as Apple Stated that they opened a Big store in Ho Chi Minh City in April 2007 and that more stores would be opened by Christmas.

    I did not bring my own computer from Australia, as I wanted to purchase one to give to my 12 year old Grandson but use it while I was here then give it to him as a Christmas presdent.

    AS a Minister, speaking to many people, in Australia and overseas, I will tell everyone of the problems with apple in vietnam, I am sorry to criticize, as to what I think and how looking for one is just one big pain in the butt.

    Apple as big as it is, in my opinon has actively mislead
    its users. I will never purchase Apple again. and every chance I get, I will tell people of the problems and conflicts I had

    I have Spent Many many many many hours looking, but no one in computer shops, xxxxx stars hotel staff did not know of apple computers, plus telephone books and traveling guides books/mags in the many that I read did/don’t advertise Apple.


    God Bless

    Reverend Thomas

  • D.

    Wow Rev, that’s some harsh stuff. Apple sells their wares thru resellers in Vietnam, and said resellers aren’t the best in the world, so you get some issues when trying to buy or service Apple in Vietnam.

    I recently posted about the difficulty I had in locating an Apple reseller in HCMC, but to be sure there are a number of them out there. Today I received emailed quotes from two different authorized resellers. You just didn’t look hard enough.

  • Rev. Thomas hamilton

    I wish i could get a Wow Rev, from my Church goers.
    In regards to Apple In vietnam, I have turned my face left time after time until it’s become back and blue in regards to this issue, I am also getting on in age and suffer from medical problems caused by being a return veteran from Vietnam. i looked harder this time, then be use and to be sure.
    i will still say, Apple is bloody hard to find, and i have been told that there is one Person selling apple, if you can find him,and that it comes at a cost, being a poor old minister with what little money i have is used as donations to war Widows/ers. My grandson and I will do without an apple and some how. I am still NOT TO BE SURE.
    5-17-2007 @ 2:57PM
    Charles said…
    That is obviously NOT an official Apple Store. It’s just a local vendor that sells Apple. I mean seriously, look at the sign right on the front, it says “Authorized Distributor” right next to the Apple logo. That means it’s a privately owned company, not a company owned store.
    Thank You Charles I must have missed the Apple, you can be sure my aim was spot on.

    god bless
    keep on keep on going for sure.


  • Khai Vuong Dinh

    I am a Vietnamese student. I have read all of your opinions above, and I would like to say something.
    1. Apple is not a common computer brand in Vietnam. In our country people like using PC and Windows of Microsoft. I myself bought a Macbook pro and have used Mac OS for 1 year, and I love it very much. But about 90% Vietnamese people doesn’t know how to use and how to buy a Mac notebook or desktop!! That’s the fact.
    2. I feel regretful because I cannot help you to find an Apple Authorised Reseller or Service. If you have a chance travelling to Vietnam and need a help with Apple computers, please contact me and I would be very pleased to help you, as a tourist guide also.
    3. The last, thank you very much for reading my opinion and wish you all the best.
    Khai Vuong Dinh

  • Jan

    I am in vietnam, wanted to buy a apple itouch. But I wanted to survey the price of the apple vs other country before I buy. Can you give me some comparison of the price in apple items like apple itouch 16mb? and can I have the address of the apple store in vietnam ( ho chi minh)? thank you.

  • Rev. Thomas hamilton


    The cost of Apple in Vietnam is high, I would not even consider purchasing any Apple item there, I have received comments that
    Apple will not supply spare parts if you have repair problems even if you can find anyone to try to repair is also very high.

    Since my problem in Vietnam with Apple, our church has changed from Apple to PC, at my age and using Apple for 20 years it was not easy to get used to the change, but once mastered it’s is worth it . I wrote and informed Veterans Members, who are going to Vietnam, don’t waste your time. Buy it here, if you want to consider purchasing Apple.

    In Australia, the turn around repairs for most Apple is 3/6 week
    My Son in laws Driver failed, the part is still coming from the USA
    after 3 weeks, a PC would be repaired in two hours.

    I am coming back to Vietnam soon if you would want one purchased let me know and i will bring one ti Ho Ch Minh

    Regards, God bless

    Reverend Thomas Hamilton JP

  • Tom Kirkpatrick

    This message is aimed mainly at an earlier poster in this thread, Mr Khai Vuong Dinh, but also to anyone else who may be able to help.

    I am living and working in Saigon as an English teacher and have just had my apple G4 titanium laptop shipped out to me. Unfortunately there was no power supply included.

    I have found and visited one apple shop, but they do not have neither can they get hold of a power supply/cable for me (one of the old, round style ones). I have also looked in several of the computer shops in district 3 but have had no luck; PC supplies only.

    So, where could I find such an item? An address or phone number would be much appreciated.


  • June

    An Authorized Apple Dealer in HCMC :–
    240 Nguyen Thi Min Khai
    Ward 6, District 3.


    I think ‘better’ people should stop picking on how bad services are in other parts of the world that are obviously still very much in developing stages. Yes, many things can be improved on, and more training is needed, but it isn’t a reason to completely wipe them out of the list. Everyone has a different way of trying.

  • Rev. Thomas hamilton

    To The Apple Dealer in HCMC:-

    Thank you, I served in your country twice in the 1960s and laid my life on the line many times, you’re right, as then, obviously still very much in the developing stages, I have just returned from vietnam, nothing much has changed, every one is after the fast buck, and don’t care how they get it.

    It’s time you stopped complaining and get on with it, if you’re going to deal in Apple, then do it right, have the stock, sell it at the right price, treat people as people not someone you can rip off. Those I found with any authority, were hard to deal with and still treat people from Australians as fools as they never heard of Apple, Even managers in the top hotels never heard of Apple being sold in Vietnam.

    I have no reason to completely wipe out Apple in Vietnam, is it not so, now. Obviously your way is not working.

    Get Apple to let me run a store in Vietnam, I will show you how.

    God Bless and no hard feeling.

    REV. TOM

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