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Morocco's first English-language newspaper

Categories: Middle East & North Africa, Morocco, Breaking News, Media & Journalism

The View from Fez [1] was the bearer of good news this morning, informing us that Morocco has finally released its first English-language print newspaper. Although international papers are available in Morocco, and Magharebia.com [2] and Maghreb Arabe Presse [3] provide anglophones with news on the internet, there's nothing better than settling into Morocco's cafe culture with a good newspaper. The View's Samir says: “Starting a newspaper anywhere is always a difficult and risky undertaking. Creating a viable readership not only relies on advertising and word of mouth, but also on the content of the newspaper. It must be relevant, fresh and engaging, with a range of stories covering as many aspects of life as is feasible. In this regard The Casablanca Analyst is off to a good start.”