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Europe: Still Some More on Eurovision

Categories: Eastern & Central Europe, Western Europe, Poland, Serbia, Ukraine, Arts & Culture, Ethnicity & Race, Humor, International Relations, Migration & Immigration, Music

Another mini-roundup of entries on last Saturday's Eurovision Song Contest: Anegdote encourages readers to rejoice [1] – because they “accomplished something too by watching” Serbia's winning entry on TV; Belgrade 2.0 thinks Western Europeans should set up a bloc of their own next year [2], to counter the votes of the existing Eastern and Central European blocs; Reluctant Dragon notes that Serbian nationalists praising Marija Serifovic [3] would've probably attacked her had they known “she was a Gypsy or if it turned out she actually was gay”; the beatroot argues [4] that the contest “is all about nationalisms and politics”; Illyrian Gazette has more on bloc-voting [5] and the potential profitability of appealing “to ‘eastern’ tastes.” [6]