15 May 2007

Stories from 15 May 2007

More on Representation in Morocco

“Sometimes, a scarf is just a scarf, it's not a symbol for a country,” says Laila Lalami, recounting a reading she recently did of her book, Hope and Other Dangerous Pursuits, at one of Morocco's more conservative universities in Kenitra. While discussing the characters with the audience, the author found...

Iran:Ahmadinejad,Worker and a Bitter Joke

Leonlog says[Fa] once Mahmoud Ahmadinejad,Iranian president, was visiting a factory where a worker told him that there is a long distance between her home and factory and employer does not pay for workers’ transport.According to the blogger,Ahmadinejad told her a bitter joke ” do you want we bring factory close...

Iran:New journal becomes a success story

According to[Fa] Akbar Montajabi,blogger and journalist,Ham Mihan, a new journal,in its first days of publication has become a success stroy.This new journal can be considered a non conservative and pro reformist journal.Shargh,another pro reform journal gets permission to get republished.

Turkey is Typing….the Eurovision Song Contest

While there may still be presidential protests expanding across Turkey, I thought that on this week's article we could diverge into some more important and entertaining prospects of Turkish culture....the Eurovision Song Contest! While Turkey came in fourth this year (Serbia placed first) many Turks still proclaim that Turkish singer Kenan Doğulu is still the winner for them!

Pakistan: Check flags for the Czech

  15 May 2007

All Things Pakistan has some rib-tickling photographs of bureaucratic error. “. But right now the Prime Minister of the Czech Republic is visiting Islamabad, and the Capital’s PR people have adorned a number of (very) large banners to welcome him in the spirit of good hospitality. The only problem is...

Bangladesh: Comments and Threats

  15 May 2007

Mash on the threatening comments on various Bangladeshi blogs that followed the case of the Tasneem being arrested. “At the time he posted, the commenter had information about the negotiations to free Tasneem from military custody that was not yet public. He was also posting his comments from Dhaka, Bangladesh....

Sri Lanka: The Civil Service

  15 May 2007

One One Things on the civil service in the subcontinent. “I was in Delhi last week and met some fascinating civil servants, mainly from India and Pakistan and their respective foreign services. Diplomats are like actors, you never really know what they’re up to. They’re trained to appear interested in...

Nepal: Madhesi Movement

  15 May 2007

Kathmandu Speaks on the Madhesi Movement. “Even one can hear and feel the sense of isolation and increasing distance between the two communities which has remained like brothers and sisters for so long in the region. Mistrust and feeling of insecurity is their perception of each other today. But it...

Bhutan: The Wangchuk Economy

  15 May 2007

For a Democracy on the economy of Bhutan. “The people of this country are not suppressed politically but also economically. The country has been exposed as the most economically advancing in the South Asian region. But have you ever gone through details if the incomes have been invested for benefited...

Newest Malawian bloggers join global online conversations

  15 May 2007

It is no longer a secret that more Malawians are increasingly turning to the blogosphere for self-expression, information sharing, and commentary on a variety of Malawi related issues. This round-up will cover the newest entries into blogosphere with posts on politics, banking, health, city's cleanliness, racism, sms perils and personal reflections.

Sarkozy, the “most gabonais of all French”

  15 May 2007

Reflecting on the French presidential elections [Fr], Don Ray of Le Blog de Don Ray comes away with three impressions: first, the election, with its record turnout, was proof of France's robust democracy; second, socialism in France is finished; and last, Sarkozy's presidency will do little to change France's policy...

East Timor: José Ramos Horta Wins The Second Round

  15 May 2007

The Moderate Voice announces José Ramos Horta's victory in East Timor's presidential elections and sees the process as an example the US should follow in Iraq. From the other side, Timor Online comments that FRETILIN [former ruling party] “was beaten by a convergence of global strategic and oil interests with...

St. Vincent & the Grenadines: Child Sexual Abuse

  15 May 2007

Referring to reports from the WHO, Abeni contemplates the push factors for the sexual abuse of children in the Caribbean: “How do parents protect children from their own relatives and how do we teach the young to value themselves? I suspect the answer or part of it lies in building...

St. Lucia: Communication about Compton

  15 May 2007

“Sir John Compton, 82, is currently out of state for reasons yet unknown. I cannot understand how a head of state can leave a country with not so much as a word to the people…not even his ministers can give the Saint Lucian public a straight answer.” Looshan Ramblings wonders...

Brazil: The Pope's No Diplomat

  15 May 2007

Leftside affirms that Pope Benedict XVI made a number of gaffes during his trip to Brazil, but few are as indefensible and disrespectful to the people of Latin America as his comments on the region's indigenous people and the “purification” that came with European colonialism. Boz lists the Pope's attacks...