14 May 2007

Stories from 14 May 2007

Japan: A Report from the Henoko Protest

  14 May 2007

Jeff at his Okinawa Blog reports on his experience “Living Dangerously on Okinawa's Coral Sea”, protesting environmental surveys for a new base at Henoko Bay. Jeff writes: ” It's a landmark day […] It is to be the first day in which the Self-Defense Force — the Japanese army —...

Japan: Skepticism about Government plans to switch to Linux

  14 May 2007

Andreas at Chosaq expresses skepticism about reports that the Japanese government is planning to move ahead with plans to promote the open source operating system Linux in government agencies from July. A story originally published in Nikkei Shimbun “says a consortium of major IT firms including IBM (IBM), NEC (NIPNY)...

Europe: Balkan Blogs on Eurovision

A small roundup of the Eurovision-related posts from the Balkans: Pustolovina: Adventure in Serbian writes on the victory for the “new Serbia” and on “a night of belonging”; East Ethnia writes on the complex politics behind this year's Serbian winner Marija Serifovic; Bosnia Vault writes about the contest's youngest participant...

Albania: Religion

Our Man in Tirana posts pictures of a new Orthodox Christian cathedral being built in Tirana; a discussion of religion in Albania is underway in the comments section.

Russia, USA: Patriotism

Tim Newman pinpoints the difference between Russian and American patriotism: “Americans love their country and hate those who don’t agree. Russians don’t love their country and hate those who agree.”

Iran:Head of a leading blog provider was arrested

Mohammad Ali Abtahi, former vice president and blogger, says[Fa] that Mehdi Torabi,a top manager of Persian Blog,a leading persian blog provider,was arrested a few days ago.Abtahi said we have not understood the reason of his detention.He adds Persian blog provides services for more than 170,000 active blogs.

Russia: Deripaska Invests in Canada

Oleg Deripaska – the man “seen as the closest to the Kremlin of Russia's remaining oligarchs, largely because he often does the president's bidding” – is investing $1.54 billion in the Canadian auto-parts giant Magna International. More at Mark MacKinnon's Blog.

Russia, EU: On the Eve of Samara Summit

Time to study Russian, again, writes Jonathan Newton of Tales from the European Underbelly: “I would have had much use for such skills today, as I seem to be surrounded by Russian-speaking colleagues at the EU Council’s Press Centre, where the EU’s foreign ministers and assorted colleagues will wriggle around...

India: Bloggers on art, morality, government and freedom of expression

  14 May 2007

In what looks like more than mild disagreement between the moral police and the artists, a student from a university in Baroda was arrested for displaying “obscene” works of art. The student, Chandramohan at Maharaja Sayajirao University was first assaulted by “goons” and then arrested. Chapati Mystery reminds us that...

Africa: Is this the end of Blacklooks.org

  14 May 2007

Is this the end of the winner of BOBS Awards 2006, Black Looks?: “Somewhere along the way things got lost. the bottom line is that really very few people actually give a fuck. SandMonkey was right after all – we live in a world of EXTREME APATHY. Who gives a...