13 May 2007

Stories from 13 May 2007

Iran:Free Haleh Esfandiari

Dr. Haleh Esfandiari is the Director of the Middle East Program at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars in Washington, DC. She is a 67-year-old Iranian-American who came to the US over 25 years ago.In early May, Dr. Esfandiari received a call from the ministry suggesting she “cooperate” (i.e.,...

Iran:Free Places for Lebanese Publishers

Ghomar Asheghnaeh[Fa] has published several interesting photos of International Book Fair in Tehran. The blogger says some Lebanese publishers were offered free places by Iranian authorities.He adds in this Book Fair there were no place to sit down or rest.

Iran:Life is Insecure

Ester,an Iran based blogger, wrote in MidEast Youth that “the [Iranian] law is invasive ‎and vague, which is why it is so easy to break. As one friend says, “The law is so ‎arbitrary that you can become an activist quite by accident.” The very ease of breaking ‎the law...

Fiji: Blogging Suspect Detained.

  13 May 2007

Pacific Empire comments on the arrest and detention of a Fijian businessman by the Fijian army. The army suspects that the businessman was writing anti-government posts. Fijian army took over the power last December in a coup. “Some had high hopes for this coup. But truth was the first casualty,...

Thailand: Jail for Youtube Fans

  13 May 2007

Mangosauce comments on the latest cyber-crime law that promises severe punishment to people who try to access banned video site YouTube. YouTube was banned by Thailand for refusing to remove videos that ridiculed the Thai king.

Singapore: Interviewing Web 2.0 Hackers

  13 May 2007

Nimbupani interviews Herryanto Siatono, a developer in Singapore who “a social book-bookmarking site that also mashes up Amazon and Singapore National Library (NLB) catalogue information”

Cambodia: Visit Russian Market to beat Deadline

  13 May 2007

Details are Sketchy links to a conversation where the country manager of a leading brand name in garments hints at why garment manufacturers visit a local market famous for fakes and pirated goods in Phnom Penh whenever they run short.

Brunei: Eating Out

  13 May 2007

Old Man's Blog is happy that more and more people in Brunei are eating out. “am glad for these changes. Brunei is growing up. The people of this wonderful place are growing up. We are venturing out. We are living our life more openly.”

Lebanon: On Freedom, War and Olive Oil

The upcoming Lebanese presidential election, the Winograd Report regarding the Israeli July 2006 war on Lebanon, Lebanese agricultural products, Syrian workers, freedom of speech and freedom to blog in the Arab world, resistance to colonialism and the implications of being a leftist in Lebanon are some of the topics discussed by Lebanese blogs this week, reports Moussa Bashir.

Landing at the Iraqi Blogodrome

There's never is a dull moment in Iraq and bloggers tell us why. This week's quick round up of Iraqi blogs discusses venturing out of your house in a war-torn zone, the equivalent of US television shows in Iraq and why one Iraqi blogger refuses to panic in the face of increasing turmoil. Read Salam Adil's report to learn more.

Africa: African computer games

  13 May 2007

White African looks at African computer games: “A recent post on a Kenyan 3D game, and spurred on by a comment (and subsequent emails) from a Ghanaian game developer, has led me to do some more research into African developed computer games (or games focused directly on Africa).”

Africa: PayPal expanding into Africa

  13 May 2007

Oluniyi Ajao blogs about PayPal expanding into more African countries: “Good as it sounds, it is important to note that users in all the African countries covered by Paypal, can only send, but cannot receive money. They cannot receive payments online even if they are online merchants. This is far...

Egypt: Last Chance for Kareem in Court

“Kareem’s pro bono lawyers have submitted a cassation file for Kareem Amer: Revocation of Karim Amer’s verdict: Last chance for justice,” announced the Free Kareem site, set up by supporters after Egyptian blogger Kareem Nabil Sulaiman was sentenced to four years in prison for insulting both Islam and Egyptian president...

Japan's Pacifist Constitution, 60 Years Later

  13 May 2007

Early last week on May 3rd, amid widespread debate and discussion on the topic, Japan celebrated the 60th anniversary of its constitution. The anniversary comes at a time when Japanese citizens and their government are re-evaluating the role of their current constitution and debating its uniquely pacifist nature. With Japan...