Cameroon: I don't like Cameroonians because they eat people!

Rosemary Ekosso discusses cannibalism (part I and II): Sometime in 1992, I was talking to the nursemaid who lived with one of my sisters. Her name was Emilia, and she was an Ibibio girl from Nigeria. We were expounding on the relative merits of our countries. Then Emilia said a startling thing:
“I don’t like Cameroonians because they eat people.”


  • Fritzane

    Emilia is just mistaken.Nigerians are those who are fond of having ‘body’ for their meals.Cameroonians don’t go this far as to eat Human Beings.Nigerians considering their huge population of over 100million as oppose to Cameroon’s 15 million,will see nothing to eat people as a supplement for food shortages and famine.Nigerians migrating to Cameroon is almost thesame as Cameroon’s population.

  • wonde

    what a hell are u talking about .
    you Africns should stop playing white people s game by writing such things. Do u have any prouf of people eating fellow humans ???

  • al

    what non.sensical garbage is this?
    don’t you guys have nothing better to write about? then stop writing rather than continue spreading this non.sense about people eating

  • romeo

    Dispite magor speculations, there have been very few if not almost no case of cannibalism in the human society. I am a cameroonian and respect fellow nigerians for the example of peace that we showed to the continent throught the Bakassi issue. I’ve heard of this thing of nigerians puting people on the table too, but it’s nonsense their economy is growing along with global warming so i can’t wait to open my own beverage factory there to satisfy their thist and my pocket. Anyway i’m in school right now(U.S) i got to go and read some more african news. By the way if people were to eat their brothers and sisters in the continent, it probably would’ve been in Darfur, but of course they don’t.

  • Ozy Norenberg

    My parents and I worked in Cameroon for 11 years at the foreign mission and I never heard of cannibalism in Cameroon.

    I heard stories in the news from neighboring Nigeria but did not investigate.

    It cannot be true. My parents and I saw Cameroon more like a country of laid back drunkards to like to dance their makosa and eat grilled fish.


    I am a csmeroonian and I have lived here all my life.What the nigerian girl said was something probably just to hurt her friend cos I don’t think she has any proof.She just needs to watch out on how she makes comments adressing a nation and the authencity of the comment.The truth is,we don’t eat people in Cameroon.And I am not just saying it cos I come from there,it is a fact.

  • Anthony

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone from Cameroon could contact me. I am doing a charity rally from london to cameroon and I had some questions. Thanks!

  • Mossi

    Satisfy our thirst and YOUR pocket, ugh, I really am growing to hate Americans. They think about raping and pillaging us just as Europeans have done. Slavery has really made them into peti-anglos.

    They don’t even know themselves and they want to tell us about us. So much violence and hate against each other and other groups, no wonder there is an African president heading for their White House and not one of their own.

  • mike

    romeo,you are not a cameroonian,stop claiming a false nationality and be realistic in life.

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