Saudi Arabia: Don't Drive in Colorado!

Saudi blogger Serendipity warns people against driving in Colorado, US. “You know how they say that you shouldn’t speed towards the end of the month because Police try to meet their quota then? Well, in Colorado, I would suggest you don’t drive at all! Police in Colorado have issued a ‘16 tickets per shift‘ quota! That’s 2 tickets per hour. And, for those officers who don’t meet the quota, they are questioned to find out why they have been ’slacking’,” she writes.


  • VeiledUSA

    While police quotas are not unusual here in the United States, there is another reason for Saudi’s not to drive in Colorado….the Rocky Mountains! A week ago I picked up my Saudi fiance and all his belongings after his University studies had finished for the summer. To get home we had to drive I-70 through Colorado and over the Rocky Mountains….

    Well, as we were coming down the Rockies going the posted 75 mph (I believe that equals 120 kph?) I was already being passed by every other driver on the road. When I noticed him holding on to the door for dear life and looking very pale.

    Having grown up on mountain roads, I never considered the possibility that they can seem rather terrifying for someone not used to them. He asked me to slow down, which I did…to 70 mph…to 65 mph…to 60 mph….to 55 mph. Finally I had to explain we’d get rear-ended if I slowed down any further.

    The next mountain pass we had to cross was done at 45 mph….finally he stopped holding on for dear life…well, until we passed the herd of elk and a few stray deer in the road anyhow…poor guy!

    In any case, as soon as he gets his US license I’m sure he’ll be zipping down the mountain roads himself in no time, but I will from here out always remember that mountain driving takes a bit of getting used to for the uninitiated.


  • Raza

    The police in KSA should get strict too.I have seen ppl crossing red lights in front of cops n they just watch them go.The police authorities here shud also make quota like Colorado’s police,That will b gud for everyone’s safety…

  • Ray

    its funny that you say that this saudi fiance of yours is scared of your driving … VERY FUNNY!! i say this because if you go to youtube and type in saudi … the first thing youll see is the saudi kids drifting with their cars … one of the highest rates of death from car accidents is most likely in saudi, and this is without women allowed to drive!!! so imagine if women drove, that would be a disaster. So, in conclusion i think that your fiance is not scared of speeding he probebly likes speeding, but scared of your driving because he is not used to women driving around thats what i think =D

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