8 May 2007

Stories from 8 May 2007

Uruguay: Top Ten Things to Hate

  8 May 2007

Gabo from Uruguay lists in no particular order the top ten things he hates about living in Uruguay. He acknowledges that he is complaining and writes “There's a good graffiti here that reads: ‘Don't complain, emigrate!” He will, however, write a similar post of the things he loves about Uruguay.

Latvia: Falsification of History

Peteris Cedrins of Marginalia writes: “On 8 May, I always read Peteris Ermanis’ poem about the rejoicing when the War ended — driven into exile (like my parents — my mother studied under him in a displaced persons camp), he wept; he saw and felt how happy everyone in Prague...

Bolivia: Cocalero Film

  8 May 2007

Sebastian Molina writes in Plan B [ES] that the new documentary Cocalero about President Evo Morales’ rise to the presidency “gives many insights to better understand the character and the process.”

Estonia: May 9 Rally

Itching for Eestimaa writes on how Estonian authorities should react to the rally that is likely to take place on May 9 in Tallinn: “To let them wear red, of course. Let them lay flowers, let them sing Communist songs. And when their moment of irritating the authorities is over,...

Bolivia: Sidewalk Trouble for Wheelchairs

  8 May 2007

Josh Renaud wonders how people in wheelchairs can navigate the rough sidewalks and high curbsides in Santa Cruz, Bolivia. This is an observation during a visit with a friend during a recent trip to his wife's home country and documents in Amazing Adventures.

Ukraine: View From Russia

Leopolis writes about Russia's distorted view of the events in Ukraine: “As Ukraine resolves another crisis, the hope is that the blue camp is empowered – not by empty Russophilic slogans, but by their own political capacity as citizens of Ukraine. Someday soon, perhaps Russia will take notice.”

Ukraine: The Media's Role

Foreign Notes writes on the media's role in the recent political crisis: “Yush has reason to be grateful to Ukrainian investigative journos. By peeping into letter boxes, following leads, and publicizing leaked documents, they revealed Constitutional Court judge Syuzanna Stanik's 76-year old mum had recently become the owner of real...

Iran:Prisoner of Tehran

ZaneIrani writes about a new book:Prisoner of Tehran.The blogger talks about the story:”Marina Nemat was arrested on January 15, 1982, at about nine o'clock at night. She was sixteen. A prison guard named Ali had fallen in love with Nemat and used his father's connection to the Ayatollah to commute...

India, Bangladesh: Borders and Fences

  8 May 2007

Wanabehuman on fences and borders in South Asia. “But concern here is the fencing of the Indo-Bangladesh border, countries which are not only unmatched in size, population and resources but more importantly are friendly states with a solid record of their friendship track. Apart from very localised border shootouts, and...

Sri Lanka: Be Lankan, Buy Lankan

  8 May 2007

Sampath's Mindspace on Micro Trend, an indigenous car. “Maybe the deep down reason is that we do not trust our local makes. This lack of trust is keeping us away from the Trend. When I saw the Trend for the first time, I thought it was a pretty good looking...