7 May 2007

Stories from 7 May 2007

Estonia: ” A Big Little Country”

Itching for Eestimaa writes about a recent car trip north of Tartu: “So often I hear people talk about Estonia as if it were only Tallinn. But nothing could be farther from the truth. For a country the size of Denmark or the Netherlands, Estonia seems roomy inside. It's a...

Guyana: Mosquito Wars

  7 May 2007

“Paint me with citronella oil and call me Warrior-Gyal. I going on a hunt!” declares Guyana-Gyal as she and “black flocks” of mosquitoes face off.

Russia: Skate Boarders at Victory Park

Darkness at Noon visits Moscow's Victory Park and finds it filled with “boarders, bikers, and skaters.” He writes: “But if the [members of the pro-Kremlin Nashi movement] are indignant enough to demonstrate at the Estonian embassy for days on end, then whey aren't they out at Victory Park guarding the...

Estonia: “Past the Sound Bites”

Estonian blogger Kojinshugi posts “a detailed account of what happened in Tallinn this weekend, how it happened, why it happened, and what it means. […] As much as I’m writing this to get across the true nature of events, I’m also writing it to offer insight into one Estonian mind...

Japan: “Parental Studies”

  7 May 2007

The Japanese government has recently come up with a proposal for introducing so-called “oyagaku”, or parental education, as part of its education al reform program. Japanese MP Hosaka Nobuto criticises this recent movement mainly supported by some conservative groups and argues that the state has no place in the nation's...

Trinidad & Tobago: Verizon Cuts Ties with Akon

  7 May 2007

The Manicou Report, IZATRINI and ttgapers.com are all talking about the latest fallout over rapper Akon's simulated sex dance with a Trinidadian teen – Verizon Wireless has ended its association with the singer.

Jailed blogger Abdel-Monem went on open hunger strike

Jailed blogger Abdel-Monem Mahmoud along with 23 other jailed students from the Institute of Agricultural Engineering threatened to begin a hunger strike on Tuesday May 8 in protest of their harsh detention conditions. According to a hunger strike statement sent today, the detainees claimed that they were subject to sexual...

Sudan: Sudanese father and daughter on guitar

  7 May 2007

Amazing Sudanese guitarists: “Father and daughter. 2 classical guitars. Skill level required to play? Not much at all. Creativity level required to come up with those super unique Sudanese tunes? Pretty damn high I think. I was blown away by this. It took me right back home and I felt...

Sierra Leone: elections will be delayed for two weeks

  7 May 2007

The National Electoral Commission in Sierra Leone has announced that elections will be delayed for two weeks. Sweet Sierra Leone hopes that the delay is not a political strategy by the ruling party: “But what does this postponement mean to the political parties. Can two weeks make a difference to...

South Africa: blogs are the air guitars of journalism

  7 May 2007

Vincent Maher responds to columnist David Bullard‘s attack on bloggers: “I hereby dub this Bullardgate. David Bullard launched an attack on bloggers in the Sunday Times today that cannot be allowed to stand. His invective is simply not acceptable from a journalist of the calibre he claims to be.”

Bahrain: Welcome Islamist Fanatics

Bahrain has opened its arms and offered the Bahraini citizenship to an Islamic preacher. Blogger emoodz isn't happy with the move. “So we evidentially had enough with Singers and Sportsmen, we should halt the naturalization of uneducated underprivileged bedouins from the deserts of Jordan and Syria. It is now officially...

Egypt: Blogger Summoned for Criticising Gaddafi

Libyan-Egyptian relations took a new turn over the weekend, with an Egyptian blogger summoned for questioning after writing an article criticising Colonel Muammer Gaddafi. “Eman found herself requested to go to the National State security building in Alexandria for an investigation in the charge of attacking another president by the...