7 May 2007

Stories from 7 May 2007

Mexico: Nude Art in Zocalo

  7 May 2007

EBRmx [ES] posts a picture of the recent photo shoot that drew 18,000 nude individuals to Mexico City's main square to participate in Spencer Tunick's work of art. Veronique writes about her firsthand experience in the photo shoot in her blog Que alguien me explique [ES].

Bolivia: Constituent Assembly Update

  7 May 2007

Miguel Centellas, formerly of Ciao!, has started a new blog called Pronto*. In his most recent entry, the political scientist is encouraged by negotiations between the opposition and government party around the autonomy issue, but still stands opposed to a proposal for a runoff election for president. He explains why...

Peru: Art Week Begins in Lima

  7 May 2007

Apunta la Placa Plis [ES] is excited about Art Week in Lima that begins on May 7th. In addition to lectures, art exhibits, and concerts, the best part is that all activities are all free.

Panama: Counterfeit Glycerin Leads to Deaths

  7 May 2007

IT Buda [ES] links to a recent New York Times article about the substitution of “El Guayacolato” in commonly-found medicines, which led to the deaths of close to 400 Panamanians. The Panama Investor Blog writes that earlier many were concerned that these deaths were caused by a rare virus, but...

Panama: 1000 Polleras Festival

  7 May 2007

The Panama Report describes and provides pictures of the 1000 Polleras Festival that takes place on Calle 50 where “(it) might resemble Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade after sniffing one too many whip cream canisters”

Colombia: Uribe's Bittersweet Visit to Washington

  7 May 2007

Colombian President Álvaro Uribe Vélez started a three-day visit to Washington, seeking support for Plan Colombia and the US Congress' approval of the Free Trade Agreement. Instead of he was met with protestors accusing him of links to paramilitary forces responsible for the death of unionists. Some bloggers criticized the Colombian media for "covering up" the president's poor week.

Ukraine: Tribute to Grandmother

Natalia Antonova posts a wonderful tribute to her grandmother on her 80th birthday: “[…] My grandmother and my grandfather knew the meaning of devotion. When I was learning how to talk, I called my grandmother “Tolechka,” because it was the word that she said most often, the word that was...

India: Madras and Home

  7 May 2007

etcetera on “home”coming. From New York to Madras. “On my first day back, a houseful of relatives encourage me to go take a ‘nap’ at 5 in the evening. I wake up a little after midnight, and for about 15 seconds, I feel how wild party animals probably feel like...

India: Donuts and Orkut for married women

  7 May 2007

Sunny Days is puzzled by someone who scraps telling her that married women shouldn't be on Orkut. “What could I say? I pointed out that people who wished to stay anonymous really have no place in a networking site. I know a whole bunch of people who use pseudonyms, but...

Nepal: Education and a dollar a week

  7 May 2007

Our Dream on the importance of education in Nepal, and what one could do about it. “Most of these children come from families who cannot afford two meals a day, let alone education costs for the child. The parents work in the farm all day or for some other people...

Bangladesh: Islam and the Nation

  7 May 2007

Me, Myself and Bangladesh explores the links between Islam and nationalism, especially in the context of Bangladesh. “When East Pakistan broke away from the main Western part of the country to form Bangladesh in 1971, it was in opposition to the notion that all Muslim areas of former British India...

Bangladesh: Laily, the first graphic novel

  7 May 2007

black and gray in conversation with Sharier Khan, about Bangladesh's first graphic novel. “Being the youngest of four brothers—my elder brothers used to tell me how Hanna-Barbara made cartoons. Upon learning about how different frames created the illusion of a movie, I acquired tissue papers (they seemed so ‘foreign’ back...

Pakistan: Blog-o-comments

  7 May 2007

Like phoenix rising from the ashes, I return renewed, refreshed and rejuvenated into a new, enthused blogger self. Actually, that is a slight exaggeration, it is more like panic rising from a crisis, I return depleted, drained and depressed added to my existing procrastinating blogger self. Not wanting to disappoint...

Kenya: a tribute site in memory of flight KQ507

  7 May 2007

KenyaUnlimited has set up a tribute site following the tragic accident of the Kenya Airways Flight KQ507 last week: “In memory of the Kenya Airways Flight KQ507 that crashed in Douala, Cameroon on Saturday, KenyaUnlimited has set up a KQ507 tribute site where you can leave your message of support...

Singapore: Credit Cards Evil

  7 May 2007

Cowboy Caleb warns readers to stay away from Credit cards. “Teach your children well. Live within your means. Do not apply for more than 1 credit card unless you really have to. Save and invest all your money.”

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