5 May 2007

Stories from 5 May 2007

Saudi Arabia: Milyani's blog has been blocked

There's a thrilling debate on the Saudi blogsphere after the news of blocking Mohammed Milyani's blog by the Internet Services Unit (ISU). And even if there is a strong speculation that the block is due to a technical issue, since it is only targeting few pages and not the whole...

Iran:Ignorance and racism in Iranian chatrooms

Iranian Truth writes you will find more prejudice, ignorance and racism in Iranian chartrooms, like activistchat.com, than anywhere else. And yet it is perfectly permissible to be anti-Islamic, despite the fact that we all agree that it is absolutely horrendous to be anti-Semitic, anti-Bahai, or anti-Christian. One way of countering...

Kenya: Bloggers’ Reactions to Plane Crash

  5 May 2007

This is a brief overview of what Kenyan bloggers are saying about the tragic accident involving a Kenya Airways plane, which has crashed in Southern Cameroon. The plane, Boeing 737-800, was enroute from Abidjan, Ivory Coast to Nairobi, Kenya with 114 passengers on board. Kenya Airways is the fifth largest...

Africa: Africa's skies aren't the worst in the world

  5 May 2007

Mental Acrobatics dispels belief that Africa's skies are the worst in the world: “After the tragedy this morning with the loss of Kenya Airways flight KQ507 with 114 people on board I am more or less sure that a big debate will sprout up on how safe Africa’s skies are...

Japan: Precariat May Day march sparks debate

  5 May 2007

On April 30, among many other May Day gatherings, “MayDay for Freedom and Lives” took place in Shinjuku, Tokyo. Subtitled “Resistance of the Precariat”, over 400 people including freeters, part timers, day labourers and homeless, who live with neither security nor stability, participated in this May Day event. Over the...

Kenya: Why is Africa prone to air accidents?

  5 May 2007

Following reports of a Kenyan plane crashing in Cameroon, Diary of One Black Man writes: “Why is Africa prone to air accidents? I could go on and give you a laundry list of all the reasons. Here is a continent that is struggling with financial problems. These countries get these...

Bahrain: Incense-wafting Journalism

This week in Bahrain bloggers have been preoccupied with topics including sycophancy, the welfare of foreign labourers, and the culture of alcohol consumption. Follow the arrows to see how Ayesha Saladana sums up some of the best conversations taking place in the Bahraini blogosphere.