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Iraq: The Most Sectarian Blog Ever

Categories: Middle East & North Africa, Iraq, Digital Activism, Religion, War & Conflict

Iraqi blogger Konfused Kid briefs [1]us about Iraq's most sectarian blog. “We are not all so nice and to prove that you can simply take a look at our homeland, al-Shaqawa (which translates into ‘The Malignanace’) must have felt the same way too, or he doesn't care. His blog isn't coy like Riverbend, nor trying to sound journalistically-neutral like Zeyad, nor is he a reasonable political analyst like ITM, he is an angry, vulgar, simplistic piece of sectarain hatred that is raw and unprocessed. I must say that his viewpoints reflect a nice deal of the Iraqi society today and its voice must be also heard, no matter how rotten and bad it is,” he notes.