4 May 2007

Stories from 4 May 2007

Chile: Personal Reflections on New Political Party

  4 May 2007

Global Voices contributing author, Rosario Lizana recently published an article about the Chilean blogosphere's reaction to the new emerging party, Chile Primero. In her personal blog, Comunicacion [ES] she adds her own thoughts about this new movement.

Bolivia: Interview with Filmmaker Jorge Sanjines

  4 May 2007

Javier Rodríguez reprints the entire unedited interview with famed Bolivian filmmaker Jorge Sanjinés in his blog Diseccionando a la Musa Perdida [ES]. Part of the interview was also published in the magazine section of the newspaper Opinión.

Ecuador: Solutions for Cell Phone Users

  4 May 2007

In Ecuador, when one wanted to change service providers or utilize a phone not purchased from the company, it was a complete headache. Luigi Salas [ES] tells us that all of that will be made easier due to a ruling by the Telecommunication Superintendency in that country.

Ukraine: Yanukovych Gives In

Mark MacKinnon writes about the latest political developments in Ukraine: “The standoff is over for now, and Viktor Yushchenko appears to have won the test of nerves against his arch-rival, Viktor Yanukovich. The two men announced today that they have agreed to hold new parliamentary elections in the near future,...

Poland: Lines

Steven D. Levitt of Freakonomics Blog visits Poland and writes on “how incredibly rude the Poles were about lines.” The post has already received 74 responses, and here's the first one: “If you think Polish people does not respect lines, please do not come to Brazil. Here the people use...

Kuwait: Buddha Censored

Lebanese blogger Mark, who lives in Kuwait ridicules Kuwait's heavy censorship. “Virgin Megastore is open again and I think this time around they are taking censorship to the extreme. I think thats what I would do if I was them, I would want to show people how ridiculous censorship can...

India: HIV/AIDS awareness in Pune

  4 May 2007

Deep Griha – an NGO that works in Pune slums blogs about their attempt to increase HIV/ AIDS awareness. “What will bring a housewife onto the streets for something related to AIDS – the seemingly tabooed disease? What will make office-going men and women of corporate India sacrifice their Sundays...

India: The interiors of India

  4 May 2007

Lokayan has random snippets of experiences from the interiors India – as seen through the eyes of a couple of people working in the social sector “Yet we saw hope. We saw people coming together. We saw individual brilliance. We saw people finding joy in small things in life. We...

Iraq: Let the War Begin

Konfused Kid from Iraq describes who the pro and anti-withdrawal of US forces from Iraq are. “Whatever happens, Iraq's chance of recovery is incredibly slim, maybe it's just best to let the troops out and let the war begins, cuz we're all so very tired,” he suggests.

Bahrain: Freedom of Press Protest

Bahraini journalists and intelligentsia protested outside Parliament on the World Press Freedom Day, reports blogger Mahmood Al Yousif. “The number of people present were a cross section of society but all of whom share a basic understanding that they support the basic human right of the freedom to express oneself...

Sri Lanka: CNN, get your facts right

  4 May 2007

CNN Money has an article that appears to betray bias and ignorance. Vindicated rips the piece to shreds. “Colombo being mainly Sinhalese enemy capital: I don't know about you but I'm pretty sure that Colombo is the last place in Sri Lanka that's mostly Sinhalese. Being the only city in...