Why is adultery illegal in Senegal?

Why is adultery illegal in Senegal? (Fr) Women are still considered the property of men and religion a justification for law, whether or not you are a believer, the Blog politique du Senegal writes.


  • kayowa

    l’adultere est illegal au senegal just parceque e pays est de dominance musulman et aussi parceque considre encore la femme comme une propriete de l’homme et ne veux enttendre la voix de la femme si l’adultere est illegal je suppose que c’est celui de l’homme pcq jamais celui de la femme dans n’importe quel socite n’est admise et encore plus loin la femme reste toujours une minorite a la quelle tous les droints fondementaux sont encore probematic a reconnaitre, le probleme en fait ne pas le fait de legalise l’adultere mais plutot de reconnaitre la femme comme l’egal de l’homme ayant les meme droit a la dignite humane , a l’egalite et au respect de sa personne.

    * * *

    Adultery is illegal in Senegal because this country is under Muslim dominance and also because it still considers women to be the property of men and does not want to listen to the voices of women. If adultery is illegal, I suppose it is men’s adultery because in no matter what society, [people do not admit that] adultery is committed by women. Moreover, women remain a minority for whom fundamental rights are still difficult to realize. It’s not a question of legalizing adultery, but rather one of recognizing women as the equal of men, having the same rights to human dignity, equality, and respect.

    English translation by Jennifer Brea

  • Allison H.

    It seems to me more that adultery is illegal in Senegal to protect women. In recognition of the fact that the country is approximately 98% Muslim, it is perfectly culturally acceptable to beat one’s wife, especially if there is a reason for it. By making adultery illegal, the woman will receive her punishment in jail, rather than at the hands of her family. Similarly, when a thief is found in a neighborhood in Dakar, if the police don’t get there in time, he can be beaten to death by whoever catches him. Once a thief is spotted, he runs toward the police, rather than away, knowing that the law is more merciful than the mob.

  • I’m a senegalese citizen and have lived in Senegal until 26 but I didn’t even know that adultery was illegal in Senegal! I don’t understand how one can derive from the fact that adultery is illegal anything concerning women’s situation: if it is illegal, it is illegal for men as well as for women is’nt it?

  • L’adultere des hommes autant que des femmes est illégal au senegal. En revanche le traitetment d’un adultere n’égale pas celui de l’autre. L’adultere des hommes n’est jamais mentionné car tolere socialement, c’est une derive de la polygamie… En revanche celui des femmes…

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