Iraq: Why are the Democrats Doing This?

Iraqi blogger Omar doesn't mince his words when addressing the Democrats. “Why are the Democrats doing this?” he rants. Instead of trying to come up with ideas to help they try to halt the sincere effort to stabilize Iraq and rescue the Middle East from a catastrophe. I am Iraqi and to me the possible consequences of this vote are terrifying. Just as we began to see signs of progress in my country the democrats come and say ‘well, it’s not worth it, so it’s time to leave’. Evidently to them my life and the lives of twenty five million Iraqis are not worth trying for and they shouldn’t expect us to be grateful for this,” he writes.


  • Your People Have Been Conned
    The 9/11 debacle provided the Americans a convenient excuse to invade Afghanistan and then Iraq. Nobody in power cared a whit about the 3000 people who died at the World Trade Center.
    Saddam Hussein planned to deal with the French and Russians for the Iraq oil concession.
    The American British and Dutch oil companies bribed the US House Senate and Administration to force the concessions from Saddam. They did not realize international law stipulates only a legitimate sitting government can sell the nation’s oil production rights to a foreign power.
    The Americans erred in believing they could force the Iraqi interim government to sign a legitimate production sharing agreement.
    The Iraqis erred when they held democratic elections to legitimatize the government, enabling it to sell the rights to the western oil companies. They kept the natives in check by advancing secular hatreds and civil violence.
    All along the US Administration controlled the action by bribing the media and duping the public with war hysteria.
    Enough Americans caught onto the scam to vote the Democrats into a majority position. Since both parties were in the scam, GWB continued his play and the Democrats have rolled over and played dead.
    Both parties are wed to depleting Iraq’s oil reserves and the troops will remain there for some time.
    If any Middle East country makes a fuss, two US carrier strike groups are in the Persian Gulf to silence them. Iraq was lucky to reach this point with ‘only’ 650,000 dead.

  • Zena

    Well, my dear; you r either lying about being an Iraqi, or you are a member of the corrupt rich Iraqis who want to control Iraq and reap all monetary benefits from genocide of your people to accomplish your goal. We should have never got involved in your personal battles between your wigged out religions. GOD knows I don’t care what religion you are. We have NO OBLIGATION or responsibilities to rescue you from yourselves. Did you people come help us win our Democracy in America? Did you even care? No, I think you forbid Americans to even visit your lands. You sound like a lazy coward to me. Fight your own battles and leave our people alone. Personally, I’m betting you are just a ‘hireling’ of the WTO who is attempting to take over the world and rule it, strickly for the rich. IF a man can’t take care of his own house; he doesn’t deserve to have one. Have a great weekend.

  • Marc

    It never ceases to disgust me, the hatred and hate speech that comes crawling out from the left. I’m not thrilled that we’re in Iraq, mostly because I hate seeing American servicmen’s lives spent for those out there that have no appreciation for them or what they do. However, we are there, and we are doing GOOD things for the Iraqi’s and ourselves. Yes! I include the US as a recipient of the Good being done. Our security is important to us and if the Iraqi’s get a more equitable government out of the deal then good for them. I read the good and the bad news out of Iraq daily. But, the point is that I listen to both because BOTH happen. Making up ridiculous claims like the 650,000 number with not a shred of reality behind it, much less evidence is a pathetic argument. Honesty in the issues surrounding Iraq requires that we accept that every “fact” does not conveniently fit into our personal idealogy, and that every “lie” doesn’t just happen to be the argument coming out of those we disagree with. The author has an opinion of progress, needs and concerns regarding how we as a nation are currently responding to the Iraqi situation. To dismiss those opinions with undisguised hatred and vitriol, made up numbers and sneering dismissal is not an argument. It invalidates what you have to say and makes you look the fool.

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