Armenia, Georgia: Comparing Local Governance

Social Science in the Caucasus compares local governance in Armenia and Georgia.

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  • Expensive colleagues, compatriots, brothers and sisters – Armenians!
    I ask you to help and inform my call on rescue through journalists and lawyers of the Armenian Diaspora to the instances, capable to deal with question on my migration to Bulgaria, Germany, the USA, Canada or Australia.
    I was born in city of Tbilisi/Georgia/, my parents were born in Armenia, and their ancestors in Alashkert /Turkey/and Alaverdi /Armenia/. Unfortunately, citizenship of Armenia and of Georgia doesn’t give to the person of possibility to be the free and high-grade citizen of the world.
    As the journalist, the active worker of the Armenian community of Georgia, I wish to refuse citizenship of Georgia in favor of citizenship of any civilized and democratic country.
    All 33 years of the life I served for cents, contrary to the society and the state, which ignores often with your civic stand, the social and legal rights and it, is not considered to values and interests.
    At me very good biography and to continue it in Armenia or in Russia I don’t have desire and on that is other powerful reasons and outlooks. I result some arguments in my advantage:
    1. If before (in Soviet period) Armenians and Georgians were brothers tendencies of last time suggest otherwise. Times of assimilation and change of surnames with the Georgian have ended; many of the last were reputable also for encouragement of the present country leaders. With arrival of interests of the USA to Georgia and Azerbaijan, after hostile Russia, the enemy number 2 began to consider Armenia which «at will of destinies» has chosen the strategic partner in the name of Russia. For the friendly relations with Greece, Russia and different religion, Armenians were time and again orders Turkey and the Arabian world and today for Georgia Turkey-partner the USA on the NATO became the favorite and the brother. Economic and political efforts of the USA promoted the organization of the Anti Armenian lobby in the USA and Great Britain, braking question on genocide of Armenians of 1915. They receive the donor help the largest economic giants and players on Southern Caucasus and in the world: (BAE Systems Inc., Goodrich Corp., Northrop Grumman Corp., Raytheon Co. United Technologies Corp. and energy producer Chevron Corp are spending over a million dollars a week to lobby Congress).
    2. In Georgia sharply there was question on sociopolitical situation in region Samtskhe-Javaheti (Javakhk), which is densely populated with ethnic Armenians, and many of them for the sake of career and profit began to name themselves «meskhs». In problems of the given region the former president of Georgia Edward Shevardnadze never was interested, only the late prime minister of Georgia Zurab Zhvania was disturbed by this question. It had almost related relations with businessmen and authorities of this region. In parliamentary elections of Georgia of 2004 only its party «Incorporated democrats» in 100 party leaders has switched on in the list of several representatives of this region, in one other party of Georgia wasn’t any the Armenian surname representing interests of 1/3 population (national minority) of the country.
    He for the sake of the world in region and not to kindle the new centre of the antireligious and international conflict, held meetings with deported in the Soviet years to Russia Turks-meskhs and with representatives of the government of the USA has agreed about resettlement of interested persons in the USA. Today this question again costs sharply and again speaks about returning meskhs to Georgia. With the Armenian population of Georgia at them there will be no problems, because Armenians and Azerbaijani of Georgia are very much tolerance.
    If the USA wishes to realise the ambitious plans for Southern Caucasus to it as well as Germany – to ideological associates and lobbyists of Turkey, it is necessary to pay indemnification to families-victims of genocide of Armenians of 1905-1915, to respect opinion and history big parts of the Armenian population of Georgia (every second family refugees from Kars and Erzurum) and to grant the right to job and residing at Germany and the USA). Without respecting history and the past of Armenians of Georgia (the population), the government and Parliament of Georgia, for the sake of investments and economic partnership with Turkey and Azerbaijan, have repeatedly refused and ignored the collected signatures of citizens about recognition of genocide Georgia and ratifications of this document in Parliament. Though the president of Georgia for itself personally already recognised for long time genocide of Armenians and in Armenia at memorial complex of Tsitsernakaberd has assigned wreath in memory of victims of genocide, has planted fur-tree in avenue near which to this day there is memorial plate with wishes of the president of Georgia Michael Saakashvili.
    3. After mysterious destruction in 2005 of that time the prime minister – of the minister of Georgia Zurab Zhvania (the supporter of the moderate and humane Proeuropean policy and the defender of interests of national minorities in Georgia), in region Samtskhe-Javakheti arrest more than 20 military Russian bases deployed at that time in Ahalkalaki. They were local residents and they have accused of espionage against Georgia in favour of Russia.
    4. In period of visit of US president George Bush to Georgia in May, 2005 in Tbilisi Armenian man Vladimir Arutyunyan falls a victim of the terrorist act scenario (even a month before visit of the US president prepared by special services of Georgia and the USA). Him have accused of attempt at life of presidents of Georgia and the USA.
    All consequence was necessary on certificates 12, 13-yearly girls.
    Now Armenians in Georgia not only separatists, spies, but also terrorists №1.
    After that Armenians of Javakheti are silent…..
    5. Last 20 years many Armenians leave with constants native places, they become victims of deceit, oppression and the discomfort created by new genealogic fund of city (refugees and natives from mono-ethnic mountain regions), which have no representation about culture and traditions, religion of other ethos’s, builder of city and peacefully existing throughout many centuries. Erasing traces of Armenians of Georgia from history, architecture and cultures of Georgia, the country leaders prepares new army of “pseudo-patriots”. This is beginning of ideological war.
    6. Throughout last 15 years it is necessary to note oppressions of citizens to religious sign. Armeniana and Saint Armenian Apostolic church according to my friends (the Georgian and the Ossetin) are anathematized, in orthodox churches forbid to enter and pray to Armenians and Catholics. On memorable plate’s priests’ vandal erase axe of inscription of the Armenian bishops and archimandrites, break cemeteries and build the sanctuaries on the Armenian bones. Armenians become orthodox; conduct the children in Russian schools that become the reason for closing of the Armenian schools. The Georgian church is to struggle with other thinking (other belief). Though for me since the childhood there were no differences between Christians and I studied in the Soviet years different religious trends, had correspondence with religious missions the USA, Belarus, Ukraine etc.
    7. I available have the documents confirming falsification of documents at level of the president, city and Supreme courts which are connected with me or with affairs of my relatives. They frequently ignore citizens or play with them in bureaucratic games. Capable aren’t to protect citizens of abroad and to create social conditions for life.
    Eternal priority – is refugees and their well-being.
    8. Under the pretext of war with Russia, the Georgian power can oppress and drive Armenians, but conformists and egoists in the Armenian political circles have got used to close many on all eyes and to protect only business and the posts. In any country of the world the Armenian – is the legislative and full citizen, he/she is the architect, the doctor, the chess player, the commander, the lawyer, and in Georgia-it the hairdresser, the shoemaker and the translator (polyglot). I many times for 33 years wished to have legal proceedings with the power, but against the nomenclature and system won’t go. As employees of the centre of Nixon have assured of the USA still 7 years ago «it’s warning for your life». At that time I was still the student of university and have decided to create non-governmental organization – centre “Anti-discriminator” struggle against discrimination in all forms of its display (public, sexual, sexual, legal, labour, institution and etc. was which purpose) . Today Nixon’s centre acts as the defender of interests of the new president of Georgia Mihaili Saakashvili.
    9. I don’t have problems with studying of languages, with employment by creativity, the organisation of the activity directed on activity of Diaspora and job at university with students, but there is no desire to be engaged in political journalism, for nothing (without result) to participate in indicative actions of community, to be unnecessary for compatriots in Armenia.

    After this letters I can become not desired element in the Georgian society and I will personally ask to leave from the country, as in the past of my acquaintances.
    I wish to be free, to have the right to the truth, on freedom of speech and thoughts, on freedom of worship and movement!

    Thanks, Eduard Kocharyan
    Georgia-Tbilisi – 09/11/2009

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