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Africa: Fascination with movies about Africa

Categories: Sub-Saharan Africa, Rwanda, Sudan, Uganda, Film, History, War & Conflict

Kizzie writes about Hoolywood's new fascination with movies about Africa [1]: “I'm not going to be surprised if I go to the movies in a few weeks to watch a movie about Sudan! wait a minute, they are filming emma's war right now! I'm sure the world will be thrilled by this movie. I mean a sudanese warlord marries a british aid worker and she lives with him in Southern sudan during Africa's longest-running war! How originial! ( drum rolls, drum rolls pleaseeeee…..and the golden globe for best actress goes to …Nicole Kidman for playing Emma's part in an exquisite way and for turning the horrors of the Sudanese civil war into an eye-opening film ( not that we were aware of the civil war but hey thanks for telling us about it!).”