Indian Bloggers on Virginia Tech: Stunned, sad and a million questions

The tragedy at Virginia Tech has shocked people around the world. SAJA Forum says “Bloody Monday will darken and bruise Virginia Tech forever, and at this point in time, early in the development of the story of the horrific massacre that consumed the lives of 33 people, there is only the numbness from shock that this “monumental” tragedy has induced, and there is the chatter of television in the background.”

vt.jpgTwo things strike us moving through the blogosphere. The overwhelming sadness for the thirty three people who were killed (of which two – Minal Panchal and GV Loganathan were Indians) and the identity of the person who committed the crime.

Like Duck To Water isn't very happy with the media's coverage, and talks about the grief of parents.

Two people, one a professor and the other a student of Indian origin passed away in this incident (yesterday according to an Indian newspaper, no Indians died and hence this is an update..). Its even more difficult for the parents of international students. First of all, most of these students are on fnancial aid, so their parents may not be that strong financially. Moreover there are hassles of visa. Though there is an emergency visa available, imagine going to the consulate for visa stamping at a time when your child is dead on the other side of the world!

Mitesh points out that journalists have also scrapped Minal Panchal's Orkut profile, asking people to respond to their queries. Scout expresses deep anguish.

Some of the victims’ myspace and facebook pages were made available and I couldn't stop crying when I read messages asking them to call back friends to assure them that they're okay. How much more shit can the world take? Why is it so easy to buy a gun? Why should it be so easy, in the first place? Shouldn't someone learn something from the last ten years?

A brief note by Arzan, who was Minal's senior. Vrushali Lad writes a moving piece. They were classmates once

Minal will always remain in my mind from now on…she who loved Frank Lloyd Wright and hence The Fountainhead…she who always spoke her mind impartially, about anyone…she who liked all things weird. I don't know if I'm more sorry for the mother who would grieve for her younger daughter in a foreign country, or the scores of friends who have been scrapping her incessantly for news of her whereabouts. Her phone is unreachable, she's still on the missing persons list, but everyone knows she's gone.

Amardeep Singh has an interesting post in the light of the fact that the gunman's teacher had complained to the university about the content of his creative writing. He suggests that the current “hands off” academic culture may have to be questioned. Sepia Mutiny has a brief obituary for GV Loganathan, and highlights one lovely line by a student – “He is God of his subjects”. The Renegade of Junk provides a set of perspectives from various players with striking and dark sarcasm. Sepia Mutiny‘s post with eight updates on the massacre leads to over 250 comments.

Stylestation asks a question that has been more relevant – why is access to guns so easy?

Did Cho Seung-Hui even realize that he was taking real lives? Killing, real, breathing people? He came loaded with ammunition. Why and how can a 23 year old have access to it? I'm helpless and puzzled — I just need to understand, how is this possible.

There are no words, and yet words are my only escape. My prayers are with the victim's families and friends and also Cho Seung-Hui's family who I hope will be mericfully forgiven for not knowing what was to come.


  • Darlene

    “Does Virginia Tech massacre make you want stricter gun control laws?”

    I came across this “real time” poll website called and they currently have the subject, and are asking: “Does Virginia Tech massacre make you want stricter gun control laws?”

    As of 7:03.48 PM-PDT today. This is a “up to the second sampling of close to 350 online users polled said – No!”

    347 votes since 4/17
    Yes, current laws are too lax– 44%
    No, protection is our right – 55%

    This site BuzzDash says it’s “a community-driven website that provides a real-time dashboard showing continuously updated snapshots of popular opinion and people can gauge the pulse of the nation on the Virginia Tech tragedy and whether it should affect current gun control laws.”

    I say, whether “yes” or “no” America, PLEASE make your opinion known!

    Roanoke, VA

  • Bea

    I agree with Scout and expressed the same sentiments on my blog earlier. What is all this hate, violence, sickness, intolerance? Tonight’s blog post adds to what we have also seen this week in Turkey and Iraq. In Turkey, we too lost 33 second grade students and several teachers this past week to a bus crash and then yesterday 3 more were killed in yet another hate and intolerance crime. Then, we had the worst massacre in Iraq since this war began. My heart goes out to all those affected by this senseless pain.

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