16 April 2007

Stories from 16 April 2007

Arabeyes: Egyptian Blogger Abdul Monem Mahmood Arrested

Egyptian blogger Abdul Monem Mahmood (Arabic) is the latest in a string of bloggers arrested by Egyptian authorities. He is being detained under custody for 15 days as charges are drawn up against him. The Muslim Brotherhood blogger, journalist and television presenter was detained early Sunday morning, amid conflicting stories...

Bangladesh: Celebrating Bangla New Year 1414

  16 April 2007

Shuvo Bangla Noboborsho (Happy Bengali New Year) to everyone. April 14th was the first day of the Bangla year 1414 also known as Pohela Baishakh. In Bangladesh, this day is a national holiday and in West Bengal it is a public holiday. Now Bangladeshi bloggers will take us through the history, culture and celebrations of this event.

Ukraine: Family History

  16 April 2007

Wu Wei resumes writing about her father's life: “No wonder his nationality was not so clear. And no wonder he could apparently speak Polish, Romanian, Hungarian and Ukrainian when he arrived in Brussels.”

Iran:15 students arrested in a university in Mazandaran

According to Eteraz[Fa], 15 students were arrested by security forces in a university in Mazandarn province in the northern part of country.According to the blogger a few days ago,Bijan Sabagh, a member of Islamic Association of university,was arrested and many students started to protest against this act.Some even started hunger...

Russia, Latvia: April 16 in History

  16 April 2007

April 16 in history – at De Rebus Antiquis Et Novis: a failed attempt to kill the Russian emperor in 1866; the first Russian trade union is created in 1905; the museum of the red Latvian riflemen opened in Riga in 1970.

Arabeyes: Bahraini Blogger in Court Tomorrow

This is Mahmood Al Yousif, the God Father of Bahraini bloggers, who is being sued by a Bahraini Minister for comments he published online. Mediations between the two parties failed, and the case is now being heard by the Higher Criminal Court tomorrow. Even the meek Bahraini Journalists Association is...

India: A Lawyers’ Enclave

  16 April 2007

My Mylapore on a little history trip with notes on Palathope, the lawyers’ enclave. “What circumstances caused generations of legal eagles to ‘graduate’ from Palathope? Their ‘graduation’ into the world of litigation and trial linked surprisingly, more definitively to this sleepy, little lane, rather than to any academic institution of...

Sri Lanka: Loans, the economy and lenders

  16 April 2007

One One Things on donor conditionality in Sri Lanka. “The first is that loan conditionality has evolved over the last decade or so. In the 80’s and 90’s the World Bank and the IMF notoriously imposed loan conditionalities that have been at loggerheads with the interests of developing countries. I...

Trinidad & Tobago: Why Blog?

  16 April 2007

Can Cook, Must Cook recently had a discussion with three other Caribbean food bloggers – the happy outcome was that “it’s become more and more obvious that there are several reasons why my fellow bloggers and I must continue doing this.”

Pakistan: Praying and Playing

  16 April 2007

The Pakistani Spectator doesn't take very kindly to comments made by the Pakistani Cricket Team's manager about the connection between Namaz (the ritual of prayer) and playing. “But its shocking that in an Islamic country people are blaming Namaz and religious activities for the defeat. Namza differentiates between a Muslim...

Nepal: Where have all the Sherpas gone?

  16 April 2007

Deepak's Diary on sherpas. “Nepal has always been exoticized as a country of brave Gurkha soldiers and adventurous Sherpa mountaineers. Both of these myths are under deconstruction now. Tenzing Norgay, the famous Nepali son was later snatched away by India and now another relentless mountaineer Appa Sherpa is in the...

Bangladesh: Oh Ireland!

  16 April 2007

A heavy day for Bangladesh yesterday. Rezwan liveblogs the cricket match with Ireland. “24 Overs: Bangladesh is in real trouble with 104/5. Their front-line batsmen are all out. They tried to play too many shots instead of nudging around for singles like what Ireland did. Ireland is playing better here...

Nigeria: audio comments about election results

  16 April 2007

Greenlight Nigeria collects audio comments about state elections in Nigeria: “I posted this idea – of people using Evoca and this site to respond to the election result, to a few of the Nigerian sites worldwide – early this morning. And here’s our first message”

Nigeria: test of fairness

  16 April 2007

Grandiose Parlor on Nigeria state elections: “Reports suggest the presidency and state government have manipulated the result in favor of the PDP. Hence the reason for delaying the results in the state. Which I’ve been told has been suspended indefinitely because of fraud. But it appears the PDP has underestimated...