15 April 2007

Stories from 15 April 2007

Iran: State-Run Newspaper Mocks Ahmadinejad

Kamangir reports in Jam-e- Jam,a newspaper published by the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB),the relativity theory was decorated with a picture of Einstein writing on a blackboard. Instead of mathematical equations we read:I made the worse mistake ever to discover atom and stuff!! Hey! Mahmoud[Ahmadnejad]! for God’s sake forget...

Interview with Kazis Toguzbayev, Journalist/Blogger from Kazakhstan

  15 April 2007

Kazis Toguzbayev is a Kazakhstani journalist/blogger, who was sued for insulting the honor and the dignity of the president in January 2007 when he uploaded two articles on a group blog KUB.kz. Kazis is 59, married and has grandchildren. He is a colonel of the Ministry of Defense of Kazakhstan in reserve and a pensioner for 10 years now. We spoke about the lessons that he learned after the trial and about the citizen journalism in Kazakhstan.

Iran:Two women activists are out of jail

According to Varsh[Fa],two women activists, Nahid Keshvarz and Mahboubeh Hosseinzadeh, are out of jail.They were arrested about two weeks ago when explaining people One Million Signatures Campaign.This campaign wants to put an end to discriminatory laws against women.

Nigeria: state elections marred by irregularities and violence

  15 April 2007

Hac Lege on state elections in Nigeria: “As expected, the polls at the recently concluded state elections in Nigeria is eliciting condemnation for various quarters, even before an announcement of results. The Independent National Electoral Commission [INEC] has even gone ahead to cancel some of the results from some states...

Taiwan: Bloggers’ Further Action on Saving Losheng Sanatorium

  15 April 2007

As mentioned in the previous post, discussions and actions on saving Lo-Sheng Sanatorium have widely spread in Taiwan blogosphere. Now the whole event has also attracted attention from mainstream media, the public, and politicians. Bloggers’ actions: In addition to discussions and collaboration over their blogs, several bloggers decided to take...

Lebanon: Remembering the Civil War

April 13, 1975 is officially the date when the Lebanese civil war began. It lasted for 15 years and it officially ended in 1990 after the Taif agreement. More than 150,000 died and hundreds of thousands were injured or displaced. Almost every Lebanese was affected in one way or another....

Kuwait: Bloggers’ Show Aired Following Protests

Popular Kuwaiti television show Al Diwaniya is being aired again – following protests from some of Kuwait's bloggers. The show, which was expected to feature interviews with some bloggers in one of its episodes was taken off the air, sparking speculations and rumours as to why it was pulled off....

Iraq: Constitution Referendum Results

Iraqi blogger Hassan Kharuffa writes about speculations on the results of the referendum on the Iraqi constitution. “There are 18 provinces in Iraq. If the results in any three of them was more than 66% against the constitution, the constitution will be rejected. Then the whole process will be repeated,...

Bahrain: One-Family Spirit

Blogger Chanad Bahraini scorns Press reports praising Bahrain's one-family spirit and posts pictures of demonstrations in which police clash with villagers. ‘The “one-family spirit”, it would seem, is the notion that all of Bahrain’s land and resources are the chattel of just “one family”. For if you refuse to be...

Bahrain: Speeding Engineer Released

The German engineer responsible for building the Bahrain International Circuit, which is hosting the F1 today, was caught speeding in Bahrain, reports blogger Mahmood Al Yousif. He was apparently released without any reprimand when officials realised who he was.

Bahrain: Support for Paper

“(W)ould any of their honourable MP’s care to ask Minister of Finance about why did the Undersecretary of Finance instruct Bahrain Development Bank (whose funds come in part from the two schemes of pension funds) to grant unsecured loan of BD 200,000 (two hundred thousands dinars) as urgent cash injection...