China: Memedia Issue 3: New century for grassroots media

Another benchmark for the vibrant Chinese blogsphere, key bloggers and big names have come together to form Memedia, home to a collectively-written weekly roundup of the biggest stories from the Chinese blogsphere. Writes Virtual China's Lyn Jeffery:

Coming from the combination of three terms, Me/Meme/Media. Memedia will provide interesting things, important things, diverse things, for us to enjoy together….

Here's a translation of Memedia's third weekly issue:

如何从一个被监控的铅封的计算机中偷取数据?自然有大坏蛋帮你想办法 ! 谷歌继续被阉割,上海市委书记和邓小平等文字陆续从谷歌的世界里彻底消失 。BlogSpot也再次无法访问,虽然还有访问的方法,但是BlogSpot的恢复不知道google.cn的公关同志能否解决?

[Technology & Internet]
How do you steal data from a monitored computer cased in lead? You can be sure there are bad eggs willing to help you to sort it out! Google remains castrated, blogs Ken Wong at GSeeker, for terms like Deng Xiaoping and secretary of a municipal committee of the CPC in Shanghai have disappeared from Google search results. Blogspot once again cannot be visited, although there are still ways to visit the site, and is it possible for PR to resolve the blocking?


我们在这闹腾Me Media(草根媒体),不知在大洋的彼方,这早已成为生活的一部分。荷兰则有更有趣的“无策划、无主持、自行组织的在线及线下”的unDEAF活动。但是谈到网络开放与可访问性,Mozilla如是说。而GTalk和msn, yahoo, ICQ, QQ等IM的互通,现在也终于可以做到了(带套访问)。国内令人无语的”备案”,本想取经的美国则决定:“政治博客无需向政府登记” ,不过个人Blogger并不安生,甚至受到死亡威胁 ,看来哪里都有坏蛋

版权对互联网的影响越来越大,超星的倒下是一个例证吗?据说 VeryCD自罚八万 ,这对早日实现共产主义或有好处 ?而电子地图也开始纳入监管 。另一方面,新版GPLv3草案则在一片争吵声中发布

While we are making a fuss about MeMedia( grassroots media), for those on the other side of the ocean, it has already become part of life. In the Netherlands there are online and offline unDEAF activities, all the more interesting for being Unplanned, Non-Host, and Self-Organized. Mozilla tells something about the internet’s openness and accessibiliy. As for the invasion of the IMs such as Gtalk, MSN, Yahoo, ICQ, QQ et al, finally it can be achieved (albeit wearing protection). America was supposed to follow the astonishing mainland China ‘website registration’ system. The final decision is that: Political bloggers have no need to register with the government, however, individual Bloggers’ lives are not always easy. Some of them are facing death threats, so it is seems that the bad eggs are everywhere.Copyright has more and more impact on internet, but that isn't the Chao Xing's fault (it was supposed to set up the world's biggest online library, but was defeated by Google). A good example for this? It was said thatVeryCD punished itself with 80 thousand yuan, but can it do any good to achieve a Communist society? Meanwhile, the digital map is imposed censorship. On the other side, new version of GPLv3 draft was launched amidst bickering.

社会的良心和脊梁不会折断,在举国沉默的时候举世正在关注。 而Blogger 英雄 Zola已经站在了最前线,发回关于钉子户事件的直接报道 ,但是独立blogger等同于公民记者的概念么?herock提出了独立Blogger+专业训练=公民记者,但是老外的态度表明,这或许还有很长的路要走。二十四道过滤的纯净水虽然好,但是富含矿物的自然泉水不是更好么?

The conscience and backbone of the society won’t be broken, while everyone in the country keeps silent, the whole world is paying attention to this. And Zola, the Blogger hero is in the frontier, reporting the story about the Nail house in Chongqing. Is an independent blogger the same as a Citizen Journalist? Herock suggested that Independent Blogger + Professional training = Citizen Journalism, while from the foreigners’ point of view, there’s still a long way to go. And though 24-processes filtered pure water is good, isn’t natural spring water with plenty of minerals even better?

[周曙光和吴苹] zola如他自称的那样,他是一个凭直觉做事的愤青,他居然从湖南坐了两天两夜火车到了重庆,试图以Blogger的身份报道 “最牛钉子户”事件,虽然他缺乏专业的新闻知识,他凭一张与最牛维权户的女主人合影的照片居然引起广泛关注,以至于走在重庆被陌生的重庆居民认出来,居然成功的实现了自己的目的:一夜成名。他果然被《南方都市报》采访报道了,而且被国内外众多媒体记者联系上。Zola终于实现了自己此行的部分目的 。当然,要来一份人物专访也还有很多办法。看来2007年特色blogger的赞助资金已经入手地十拿九稳了。他还被网友主动要求赞助他在重庆的行动,并且得到1900多元的赞助,提供赞助的有北京的网友,有深圳的不留名人士,甚至有从重庆郊区赶来见上一面只为赞助Zola的中年人,还有黑龙江的不知名的网友,甚至有日本美国德国的华人朋友。 这些人中有些是中文Blogger,有些是陌生人,一个普通青年的冲动行为,一个自我娱乐顺便娱乐大众的非典型愤青,居然能够引起这么大的反响,有上百篇热情的blogpost在热情地支持和讨论着的zola,不能不让人相信把政治变得娱乐化才是最好的传播方式,难免让人考虑个人媒体的影响力, 中国的个人媒体从此将进入公众视线?

Just as Zola said, he is a young cynic following his intuition. He took a two-days and nights train from Hunan to Chongqing, and tried to cover the Nailhouse story as a blogger. He lacks professional news knowledge, even though his photo with the Nailhouse hostess has drawn extensive attention, to the extent that he is now being recognized by strangers on the streets of Chongqing. He has achieved his aim: Shoot To Fame Overnight. Just as expected, he was interviewed and reported by Nanfang Daily, and was in contact with quite a number of domestic and foreign media reporters. In the end, Zola's trip fulfilled part of its purposes. Certainly, there are lots of other ways to get a personal feature. It seems that Zola has already grasped the sponsor for the most characteristic blogger in 2007 well in hand. He was actively supported by his internet friends during his trip in Chonqing, and got more than 1900 RMB in financial support from his net friends in Beijing, anonymous net friends in Shenzhen and Heilongjiang, and even Chinese friends in Japan, America and Germany. A middle-aged man from suburb of Chongqing even rushed to the city center to see Zola and give him support. Some of them were Chinese bloggers, some of them were strangers. It's surprising to see such impulsive action from an ordinary young man, a young cynic who entertained himself and the public had driven so much reaction. Hundreds of passionate blogposts enthusiastically supporting and discussing Zola, it makes people wonder if Politainment (Politics as entertainment) has become the best way for political affairs to spread. It also makes people evaluate the power of personal media: whether the Chinese personal media is entering the public sphere?


“When all the dreams drain. Same are lose and gain. Green mountains remain. As sunsets ingrain” (Translator note: A Ming Dynasty Poem). Tan Boniu, a Chinese blogger, commented on Hu Shih‘s defence for Qin Kuai (Translator note: A well known Song Dynasty traitor who had signed a peace treaty with Jin).

中国省市领导大调整 ,书记们忙着从一个州搬到另一个州,看来快达到G点了。其实施瓦辛格还是挺愿意到华盛顿的,可惜他没有这个福分,没有生在中国。

日本首相又一次在合时的时间向慰安妇道歉 ,其实他应当先为自己先前的言论道歉,然后再道歉,否则要陷入道歉的死循环。不过还好,中国的Blogger们并不关心这些问题了,腻烦了。

Nowadays we need proofs for our claims, and don't be so fast to think about denying it, because you could very easily end up quite embarrassed. Chinese local government leaders are being shifted, from one location to another, and coverage seems close to reaching its g-spot. Actually Schwarzenegger is willing to move to Washington DC. Too bad he wasn't lucky enough to be born in China.The Japanese prime minister apologised again for Japanese soldiers having forced women to act as sex slaves in World War II; at least he should first apologise for his previous statements, and then apologise for this. Otherwise, he will be trapped in a vicious circle of making apologies. What's fairly to say is that Chinese bloggers have stopped caring about this, being so fed up with it all.

中国电信话费业务缩水,所以抱怨3G牌照推迟 。中国电信业掷骰子来决定重组方案,有人赌联通将被肢解,或者是谣言,都无所谓,反正是左面的口袋进入右面的口袋,不必热血沸腾。淘宝可能会对商家收费了,布棉提出了很好的建议,招数和QQ的收费方式差不多。麦田再次提醒不要人人都来吹泡泡。


Since China Telecom's postpay business drew back, it's been complaining about a postponed 3G license. China Telecom is dicing on making a reconfiguation plan, and some people are betting that China Unicom will be dismemebered, which might just be a rumour, but not that it matters. In any case, money just goes from the right pocket to the left pocket, no need to get outraged. will probably charging sellers soon, and Bumian provides some good suggestions for this, which are similar to QQ's fee. Mai Tian reminds people about the bubbles.Twitter is still on the top list for this week. More and more people chatting there, and you can even see what people from over the world are doing right now through their map. Meanwhile similar applications on the mainland are emerging in larger numbers.

很有趣,近年来主管官员开始爱出风头了,从邬书林龙新民张宏森。他们说出来的话都很奇怪,大概从来内部传达如此,可惜公民媒体时代,没有不透风的墙,透出来就被人笑话。动物的命运比人好不到哪里去,海豹宝宝的三种不同生存处境也让我们看到了事态炎凉,有人还能够关注他们的分布已经很不容易了,如果能够变废为宝,把熊猫大便当作礼品 ,真算是创意了 。

Robert无法抑制自己的声带,想说这样一句话:Jerry, hope is a good thing. 为什么呢?因为一些人总会自虐,看来工作压力再重,也要学学作自己心灵的主人。“学而时习之”,学是上学,习就是复习,是这样的么?看来我们都被那些靠教书度日的人骗地太惨了。不过,他们的错,他们不知道。


[Life & Entertainment]
It's funny that those chief governors are pushing themselves forward, from Wu Shulin to Long Xinmin then Zhang Hongsen. What they're saying is confusing, they may just be following internal instructions. Unfortunately, in the era of Citizen Media, there are no secrets, and once exposed, they become jokes. As for the animals, they're not that much better off than human beings. The three living conditions of seal babies from Blogbus blogger 24hour reveals the fickleness of the world,that it was quite difficult for them to care about their distribution. It is definitely a great display to make Panda feces gifts.Robert could not control his vocal chords, as he was eager to say: Jerry, hope is a good thing. Why? Because there will always be some people who treat themselves cruelly, that apparently no matter how heavy work gets, we should learn to be masters of our own hearts and minds. ‘To learn and then have occasion to practise what you've learned.’ To learn means to go to school, to practise is to review. Is that so? It appears that we've been lied to by those people who have been living through teaching for too long. However, they may not even be conscious of their faults.

Odds and ends of this week. An Andy Lau's fan, a girl who has been chasing him for 18 years, and her father committed suicide by drowning himself in the sea. Is she suffering from psychological illness? In the era of entertaining ourselves to death, it looks like normal whatever happens.


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