9 April 2007

Stories from 9 April 2007

Israel: Last Day of Passover

Jerusalem Wanderings posts about her last day of Passover: “I decided to join my messianic Jewish friends in a much more subdued Easter Sunday service at the Garden Tomb – where Protestants believe Jesus was buried. They said it was an evangelical service in Arabic, which I thought was gonna...

Algeria: Future Arab Alliances with Israel?

The Moor Next Door talks about the Arab states and future alliances with Israel and against Iran: “A long road must be traveled until the major Arab states can win Israel's confidence. When I argued earlier that an alliance of Arab states be formed against Iran, I said that Israel...

CAFTA: Point of Disagreement in Costa Rica

  9 April 2007

Editor's Note: Juliana Rincón Parra has already shown us the extensive opposition to Costa Rica's ratification of the Central American Free Trade Agreement. However, San Jose-based Roy Rojas was adamant that we also show the support for CAFTA in Costa Rica and its blogosphere. The following post has been translated...

Bulgaria: Married to a Foreigner

As her husband waits for Bulgarian visa, Petya makes a public vow: “I swear, when Kyle and I outmaneuver the Bulgarian bureaucracy and convince everyone that it is perfectly ok to let a husband live in the same country as his wife, I will write the most comprehensive guide on...

Moldova: American Concert

Public Policy Watch writes about American music in Moldova: “Beside providing funding for this event, the US Government has physically participated in the concert: the US Ambassador in Moldova performed a highly significant and emotional part of Lincoln Portrait: he recited excerpts from the famous public speeches and addresses of...

Slovenia: 35 Facts About Slovenes

The Glory of Carniola posts “35 facts about Slovenes” – which “seem to be written from the perspective of second-generation Slovenian immigrants, presumably in the U.S. (The big clue being the use of Fahrenheit in number ten.)”

Belarus: Gospels in Romany

April 8 was International Roma Day; TOL's Romantic writes about Gospels translated into Romany language, and posts an interview on the Belarusian Roma community with Nicolas Kalinin, Belarusian delegate to European Roma Travelers Forum.