Eritrea:Eritrea bans FGM

Akin is happy to hear that FGM is banned in Eritrea: “Learning that Eritrea has banned the practice of Female Genital Mutilation or Circumcision (FGM or FGC) is definitely great news and to be celebrated.
It marks a beginning of what should be a wave of the civilising of customs, traditions and religious practices that cause undue physical harm without any particular health benefit apart from a modicum of social acceptance.”


  • Nebiat

    Dr. Filli let’s stop the pretense. Your writing style is too obvious. You either make no effort to change your style with your pen name change or you are incapable of doing so. So whether you write under Ema or Berhane Tekeste, you are stil Dr. Filli, the relentless advocate of FGM.

    Go on ranting against the Eritrean government’s decision to end this needless blood-letting. By doing so you only shred the thin facade of credibility you might have built up in the eye of Eritreans with your EritreaDaily own website.

  • Y G

    It is really absurd from you Ema , there is one reality which you miss Eritrean government is not ruling its people with a barrel of gun but it is preventing its people and the country as all from the opportunists by the barrel of gun , you seem that you are imitating the ridiculous speech of G . W. BUSH IN POLAND while he was addressing in the conference about freedom forgetting that his administration was the cancer of our peaceful world that deprives people in the world the freedom which every one deserve it , so please don’t be a parrot , we Eritrean have our own reality, before 1991 we struggled for our freedom and now we are struggling for economic emancipation because without economic emancipation there is no democracy , but despite the conspiracies and the opportunists who disguise their selves under the philosophy of democracy in promoting westerners interests . We Eritreans under the leadership of our current government are on the right way for the real democracy which will be emanates from deep Eritrean society value not as you pretend which will be imposed by westerners. No way for opportunists in Eritrea


  • Ema


    Where does the ‘govt.’draw its authority to rule our country at all? No constitution. where else does it draw it authority except from the barrel of the Gun?

    This ‘govt’ is not accoutable to no one, no constitution, no parliament, no Law, no political opposition. It is accountable to itself and only itself by assuming unlimited power without check.

    Eritrea is a sovereign nation. Such a country is defended by its Defense forces. Eritrea is not a private estate that is defended by a private army, Yonas.

    No one is calling for western democracy, yonas. What the people are calling for is democracy as dictated and stipulated by our National Constitution, which has been banned for 10 years and counting, Yonas. Get that, please.

  • tesfai

    Eritrea and the gov.of eritrea keep up the good work. To day the world see the true nature the prograssive out look by takeing step baning (FGC) in a few years eritrea will march to constution and elction the bad part the rest africans and unti Eritrea are not learnig from thei experance long live EPLF

  • Ema


    There is no need to bemetaphysical or hysterical about calls for democracy in Eritra. It is not some thing abstract. In Eritrea, Democracy is not some thing you have to look for. It is there in the form of Our National Constitution. Eritrean Democracy emanates from our National Constitution. That is how democracy in Eritrea is attained and that is what the people are calling for.

    Even if I grant your absurd statement that “the govt is defending Eritrea by the barrel of the gun”. That is not by any standard a justification or an idictment to one-man, one-party rule or rule without constitution.

  • Ema


    One last word: The only way to beat an agrument that you disagree with is by providing valid counter argument. Otherwise,using terms like ‘rant’ ‘angry’ is only a cover for your intellectual inability to engage the issue. It is a lame defensive mechanism people resort to when they lose the argument.

  • Nebiat

    Dr. Filli,

    Engage you in an “intellectual” discussion”? You actually think what you’ve been doing in all these websites intellectually serious?

    If you do, then your grip on reality is slipping. When you loudly and repeatedly protest against FGM ban, you display raw emotion more than serious thought. When you speak of medicalizing FGM, you display more disingenuousness and intellectual dishonesty than anything else.

    In short, serious and honest discussion with you isn’t possible.

  • Ema


    Address me however you want but it won’t change the fact of the matter. You don’t need to respond to the author directly. All you need to do is make your case to the forum by tackling the issue point by point. Take the author out of your mind because the issue is FGM not the messenger(author).

    The writings of Berhane on the issue of FGM are public and speak for themselves. Your claim that Berhane protested against FGM-ban is a big lie. In the second sentence of the first paragraph of his first installment, Berhane has labeled FGM barbaric and bemoaned the tragic fact that this barbaric method persisted for so long. Check it out!

    It is clear from his articles that Berhane’s talk was all about Medical FGM. He did protest banning Medical FGM and argued convincingly that when performed in a health center and by trained personnel, Medical FGM is no different than other equivalent surgery and hence there is no reason why Medical FGM should be treated differently. Check it out again.

    The other point Berhane makes is that, Medical FGM being a sound and safe procedure, it is a matter for the parents to decide and that govt. has no business dictating to parents what their private decision should or should not be.

    By the way, Berhane never uses the term FGM but FGC. You say serious and honest discussion with you (Berhane) isn’t possible. Fine. Those are basically the issues. Now make your case, here to the forum, to others that you think serious discussion is possible. That is why we have the forum.

  • Nebiat

    Whether you use Dr. Filli, Berhane or Ema, it doesn’t matter. It’s clear to any discerning observer that Berhane and Dr. Filli are one and the same.

    As for the so-called issue, it’s moot. The practice is no longer legal in Eritrea and with faithful enforcement, it will be a thing of the past as far as young Eritrean girls are concerned.

    Whether you fear, dislike or are intimidated by female sexuality, you should have had the decency to separate your hatred of the Eritrean government from this issue of human right. Instead, you want to “medicalize” a procedure you concede is barbaric.

    The white racists of the American south used to argue that morality could not be legislated. The effort was to oppose giving African Americans equality in the eye of the law while at the same time finding political cover. You are doing the same by hiding behind “medicalizing” this harmful practice. Leave the young, innocent Eritrean
    girls out of your politics.

    With doctors like you….

  • Ema


    Again, the issue is FGM not the nature of the author’s sexuality. Stay with the issue at hand. If you are wondering about the author’s sexuality, I am more than willing to start a new thread and to debate it to your satisfaction. Attack the message not the messenger for your own sanity.

    Stop flattering yourself. You cannot talk about ‘legality’ in Eritrea. What law prohibits or bans Medical FMG but the barrel of the gun? It is imposed upon the people of Eritrea by the mere stroke of the pen of the one-man, one-party rule in Eritrea only because they can and the barrel of the gun will enforce it too. It will remain imposed like many others until the inevitable time when a constitutional government is installed and the will of the people certainly prevails. You have every right to relish this short period.

    Berhane never labeled or conceded FGM as a surgical procedure barbaric. That is again a big lie. He termed the TRADITIONAL METHOD of performing the surgical procedure barbaric and suggested to medicalize it so that it is not any more harmful than any other equivalent procedure and make it up to parents to decide. Check it our again.

    Medicalized FGM is not harmful.

    I am not at all surprised that you consider the issue moot for you counted on the fact that in Eritrea dissent is treasonous,freedom of speech has been outlawed, right to appeal criminalized &utterly non-existent and hence whatever the govt. commands or does is unchallengeable.

    Female sexuality is a private female affair and the govt has no business dictating to females how hypo or hyper sexy they should be.


    Young innocent Eritrean girls have parents. They are not governmental issues unless there is a proven parental abuse. For you/govt. to claim more responsibility for the care and wellbeing of children is a political cover to dictate to parents what their parental private decision should or should not be and to turn young and innocent Eritrean girls into political pawns. Leave the children to their parents.

    Equality before the law is not a moral issue. It is a human rights issue. Get that right. You cannot legislate morality because it is based on and influenced by people’s beliefs and feelings. We do not all necessarily share the same beliefs and feelings, hence moral is subjective.

    Take all the time you need to respond but don’t die on me. Thanks

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