Eritrea:Eritrea bans FGM

Akin is happy to hear that FGM is banned in Eritrea: “Learning that Eritrea has banned the practice of Female Genital Mutilation or Circumcision (FGM or FGC) is definitely great news and to be celebrated.
It marks a beginning of what should be a wave of the civilising of customs, traditions and religious practices that cause undue physical harm without any particular health benefit apart from a modicum of social acceptance.”


  • Hi Akin,

    I am Tsegga Gaim from Eritrea. I work for the National Union of Eritrean Women. Thank you for solidarity message.


  • Feday Kikenom

    Happy to hear that FGM is banned in Eritrea:But can we trust a low formed by a group of MAFFIA , A DICTATOR who RULE a state with a barrel of GUN without constitution and hummanright.I dought !!If not congratulation to the female ERITREANS.

    Faday Kikonom

  • Ema

    Hi Akin:

    Eritrea is a country without parliament or constitution. Every thing that pertains to Eritrea,therefore, is an arbitrary decision of the now longest interim governmental authority in Eritrea and cannot be perceived as a national decision but that of this rulers that run the business of the country by the barrel of the gun. Where else do they draw authority to govern the country the national constitution banned.

    The right headline for your message must therefore read:
    Government of Eritrea Bans FGM. That is how the arbitrary and illegal proclamation was even reported by the ‘government”. Thanks


  • Y G

    eritrea is striding along the right way that could pave the path to biuld a healthy and sofisticated community that would lead the eritreans towards the real democracy that will be emanated form deep eritrean VALUES not like some pretends , to install democracy imposed by westerners denying the honor eritrean values . this is the first step towards the real democracy , go ahead

    Y G

  • Samuel Aron

    This is really a great news that western news medias do fear to talk about. Other African countries should follow this brilliant decision as an example. Bravo Eritrea!

  • WediHabtom

    I think this is good news! Keep the good job up, regardless what those anti their own country say,
    because as what they say in Arebic, Al-harb sahil lil mutfereg. It may not make sense for those who don’t speak Arebic but try to get help and help others.
    Unite we stand!
    G. Habtom

  • Ema

    It is not about whether it is good news or bad news. The people running the business of the country under the cover of ‘government” have no right or popular legitimization to inact Laws. They are in power because they could- It is the Rule of Might not Rule of Law in Eritrea. The ban is simply Illegal.

    No one is against his country but all object the one-man, one-party dictatorship that has befallen our country Eritrea.

  • DY

    The heroes (EPDJ) are in power because they desrve it and will continue to serve us because the real Eritrean people want them. I don’t know how we are going to pay for their free services; however we’ll keep thanking them. Nonetheless this is not about politics or character assassination. The question is whether FGM is good or bad. Congratulation my fellow female Eritreans for this great event. I hope this victory will spread real fast and the suffering will end quickly.

  • Nebiat

    Many of the posts here opposing the ban move by the government’s are by Dr. Filli. He also writes under a pen name Berhane Tekeste. He is a bitter, angry man who has turned not only against the Eritrean government but also the long term interest of his people, as evidenced by his despicable stance on this issue.

    The National Union of Eritrean Women should see to it that the government is living up to it promise to faithfully enforce the ban. I hope twenty years from now all young girls in Eritrea will only be reading about FGM, not experiencing this savage, sexist procedure.

  • Ema


    The question of FGM is certainly a national issue but it was not decided by the nation or nationally but solely and arbitrarily by the ‘govt.’ that has nor right to do so, not to speak of the unconstitutional nature of the ban. There is no right to appeal. This ‘govt’ has no popular legitimization at all. It is in power by the barrel of the Gun.

    As far as Berhane Tekeste is concerned, why don’t you challenge him point by point and prove him wrong instead of dwelling in the nightmare of the unknown author?

    As far as I can tell, Berhane is not challenging any one physically. So why would you care about his physical ID? If he had challenged you physically and not show up, you have all the right to accuse him of hiding behind a penname. Other than that, there is no need or requirement for physical ID if a person, like Berhane, is posing an INTELLECTUAL CHALLENGE. It is the battle of Ideas not a physical challenge. In the battle of ideas, demanding physical Id is an excuse to engage in personal attacks as a cover for lost arguments. Why would you otherwise need the author’s ID?

    It is wrong to label some one ‘angry’ man when that person is only protesting strongly against what he believes is wrong. Expressing your dissatisfaction or disagreement strongly with the ‘govt’or its actions does not constitute anger but Protest, my friend. The best way of beating an argument that you don’t agree with is to provide a valid counter argument not defamation or name-calling. You are wrong Nebiat.

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