5 April 2007

Stories from 5 April 2007

Argentina: A Ride for the Climate Ends

  5 April 2007

For over a year now we've been following Dave as he has ridden his bike from California through Mexico, Central America, the Andes, and Patagonia as part of his Ride for the Climate. That adventures is now over, writes Dave from Buenos Aires. This last entry is a great look...

Ecuador, Spanish: “Guglear” Officially Recognized

  5 April 2007

Unlike most other languages, Spanish is officially regulated by a governing body. A governing body which, according to Christian Espinosa [ES], has finally accepted the inevitable: everyone's favorite investigative verb, to google. Yo gugleo, tu gugleas, we all gugleamos.

Colombia: Celebrating Internet Week in Medellín

  5 April 2007

Noting that BlogsColombia recently organized a successful blogger bash in Bogotá, Juliana Parra and fellow Medellín bloggers are now planning their own event to celebrate Internet Week from May 14 – 18. A Medellín metro blog – MedalloBloguero [ES] – has already been set up.

El Salvador: Community Radio

  5 April 2007

“Radio Sumpul, like other stations in ARPAS, plays a variety of music, news and educational programs for all ages of listeners. The operation at Radio Sumpul is staffed by volunteers. One of the staff explained to me that the volunteers, most of whom are women, work at the station because...

Bloggers in India Mourn the Untimely Death of Shakti Bhatt

  5 April 2007

Bloggers in India have been mourning the untimely death of Shakti Bhatt, who passed away in Delhi last Saturday night after a sudden and unexpected illness. Shakti – who was in her mid-twenties – was the editor of Indian publishing house IBD’s newly launched Bracket Books and the wife of...

Israel:Canadian Jewish Community Center Bombing

Israeli blogger Yael on Aliyah! criticizes the Canadian government for not considering the bombing of a Jewish Community Center during Passover as a hate crime, “if a church got bombed on Easter or a Mosque got bombed during Ramadan it would also be a good bet that it was a...

Syria: Kurdish Unrest

Kurdish blog From Holland to Kurdistan reports of unrest in the Kurdish region of Syria: “Ciwan Mohammed (25) was killed in a fight in the Assyrian district of Derek by an Assyrian on the 1th of April. Two Kurdish boys were severely wounded and brought to the hospital in Qamishlo....

Turkey: Istanbul Tattooed

Metroblogging Istanbul has now started a Flickr account to document the graffiti art of Istanbul “some of them are great works of art, out of reach of the general public because they are hidden in remote locations in the city”.

Guyana: Every Dawg has its Day

  5 April 2007

Brown Dawg finally gets his day, managing to slip in a post on Guyana Gyal‘s blog in much the same fashion that he slips into practically every cricket match “more silent than a piece of stew chicken plopsing to the ground.”

Latvia: “Adult Playground”

All About Latvia writes about Riga's mayor's proposal to build an “adult playground” for the capital's foreign visitors: “the new district will feature a multi-purpose sports facility, several night clubs, public restrooms, and a brothel.” (Update: it's an April 1 joke!)

Grenada: Drying the Cocoa

  5 April 2007

t13hman posts a great shot of the cocoa-drying process in Grenada circa 1970, accompanied by a photo stream of slides taken in Puerto Rico in the 1940s.

Belize: Mayan Land Rights

  5 April 2007

History was made in Belize as Mayans filed a Supreme Court action aimed at forcing the government to recognize their indigenous land ownership rights. Brad Brace calls it “an unusual show in the middle of the morning in the heart of the city, but still, by-standers could be heard shouting...

Barbados: Sky High Airfares

  5 April 2007

On the heels of both the LIAT/Caribbean Star merger and the re-branding of BWIA to Caribbean Airlines, intra-island airfares are the highest they have ever been. Barbados Free Press worries that “unless this issue is addressed, it will certainly restrict any meaningful growth in travel throughout the region.”

Bahamas: The Evil of Politics

  5 April 2007

As Bahamian elections are announced, Sidney Sweeting at WeblogBahamas.com laments “the evil that men will do, all in the name of politics.”

Ukraine: Crisis Analysis

“Crisis has become the hallmark of Ukrainian politics since last year's March parliamentary elections,” writes Vilhelm Konnander and explains what the reasons and the perspectives are.