2 April 2007

Stories from 2 April 2007

Tunisia: Dailymotion Censored April 1st

Tunisian blogger Astrubal writes[Fr]: “Tunisian blogs and sites have been censored, then those of civil society, then those of LEGITIMATE political parties, now the stupidity of Ben Ali's regime is attacking Dailymotion, one rare remaining space of freedom for Tunisians… Yesterday (April 1st), the Ben Ali dictatorship decided to behead...

Africa, France: Suing African Leaders for Embezzlement

  2 April 2007

Demain le Congo Brazzaville posts [Fr] a complaint lodged in the French accusing of embezzlement African leaders such as Omar Bongo of Gabon, Denis Sassoun Nguesso of Congo-Brazzaville and Blaise Compaoré of Burkina Faso. The complaint acknowledges that a French judge cannot adjudicate on salaries of African dictators but emphasizes...

Cuba: Say no to Santana

  2 April 2007

Claudia4Libertad links to a petition requesting that Cuban-American music star Gloria Estefan reconsider having Carlos Santana appear as a guest artist on her tribute to Cuba album “90 Millas” on account of Santana's professed admiration of Ernesto “Che” Guevara.

Guyana: Berbice River Dance

  2 April 2007

Andy Moonsammy posts a video mashup on YouTube mixing video from the show “Riverdance” with tassa drumming and Indo-Caribbean chutney music.

Guyana: Her mother's voice

  2 April 2007

Guyana-Gyal's mother's hoarse voice – the result of a foreign “taliban flu” – reminds Guyana-Gyal of the voices of the vendors on Water street who “don’t talk to one another. They shout.”

Thailand: Internet Usage Tax

  2 April 2007

Stuart Towns comments on the recently announced Internet usage tax in Thailand. “And it only gets worse: “In addition to the bandwidth tax, an extra usage tax of 490 Baht (US$14)will be levied on those using Bittorrents and surfing foreign language internet forums.” Unbelievable!” update: Thai blogger iteau exposes this...

Singapore: Anti Smoking Advert

  2 April 2007

Culture Shiok comments on the decision by the Singpore's health authorities to show an anti-smoking advert after 8 PM as some children found the advert too disturbing. “Airing the advertisement late at night may spare some children from having nightmares (Do Singapore youngsters go to bed that early?). We'll just...

Malaysia: Thinking Blogger Award

  2 April 2007

Yang-May Ooi writes about one of her readers tagging her as a “Thinking Blogger”. “I like the idea behind this award because it will make us all review the blogs we follow as readers, asking “Which one makes me think?” As bloggers, it challenges us to perhaps delve a bit...

Kyrgyzstan: How Many Lives?

Sean Roberts says that Kyrgyzstan's president may have have staved off upcoming opposition protests against him, though he is not entirely out of the woods yet. Roberts says that eventually though, the president will run out of political lives.

Georgia: Stuffing the Goose

Steady State says that the president of Abkhazia, a de facto independent region in Georgia, is trying to attract ethnic Abkhaz who fled to Turkey a century ago to return. Though the largest ethnic group in Abhkazia, all other non-Abkhaz ethnic groups combined outnumber ethnic Abkhaz in the region.

Internet and Philippine elections

  2 April 2007

Statistics vary on the actual number of internet users in the Philippines. It may range from as low as nine million to a high number of thirty-five million users. This figure is enough to compel politicians to recognize the value of online campaigning. Many candidates who aspire to tap the...

Afghanistan: Improving the Army

Afghan Warrior notes that re-enlistments in the Afghan National Army are very low, and says that the government should increase pay, replace old equipment, and provide housing for Afghanistan's troops.

Africa: women, where are thou?

  2 April 2007

Kenyan Pundit asks, “Women, where are thou?”: Several of my virtual and real buddies have received scholarships to attend TED Arusha. So far, all the receipients that I know are male…a trend similar to the Blogging Indaba last year… and I’m curious to know whether there are any women out...

Colombia: Protesting Hunger

  2 April 2007

Voices are starting to rise up against malnutrition in Colombia. First Carlos Raúl van der Weyden Velásquez writes “we should not be surprised” after news leaked out about the the dozens of starving children who died in Western Chocó department. Adam Isacson describes a protest against hunger in the Colombian...