Nicaragua: Eric Volz

Bloggings by Boz links to a Miami Herald article about Eric Volz, a 27-year-old California native imprisoned in Nicaragua for rape and homicide. Writes Boz, “it doesn't sound like the Nicaraguan authorities have any evidence other than one convicted drug trafficker's statement to back up their arrest.” Citizen 192 has posted a documentary video from Volz's friends, families, and supporters. Revaz Ardesher meditates on the need for empathy in his effort to bring about Volz's release. Liestoppers and Loneprairie have more.


  • Kein

    There is a lot more to the story than this. I live in San Juan del Sur, knew all involved–and it is not so cut and dry.
    A lot of people had heard and seen Eric threaten Doris. He was sort of a shady charecter, not to mention the fact he had cuts all over his chest.
    I have no doubt he was not at the killing, but did he have something to do with it–this is the question. Was there some sort of altercation the day before where he got the cuts–and reacted in revenge. Wouldn’t you have a lot of good witnesses to your where abouts if you were to pay for such a horrible act.

  • Those blogs and website are from friends and family of Eric Volz, of course they will make a case for his defense. In Barricada ( I wrote about both side of the story telling their side of the facts.

    This YT video shows the veridict in the trial…

  • Bella

    Kein is wrong – there were no cuts on Eric’s chest, only a few marks on his shoulder; the same shoulder he used to help carry Doris’ coffin. There was no DNA evidence linking him to the murder at all.

  • Nevermind

    Seems to me there is MORE than enough doubt to aqquit this man. The victim’s family and community members are angry and want someone to pay… Who better than a young relatively successful American man whom is representative of many things that developing countries envy and detest all at the same time. Sometomes we want something to be true so badly, we disregard logic and make it so. It would be easier to accept that some American outsider could commit such a horrendous act before accepting it is someone from your own community.

  • Bella

    And from some of the reports I’ve heard, Eric has a reputation for appearing arrogant; that can certainly make people hate you, but it’s no excuse for sending an innocent man to jail.

  • Paul Watts

    Regardless of whether or not you think Eric Volz committed the murder that he was accused for, it remains that a judge, one person, decided his ultimate fate. Moreover, she refused to admit compelling exculpatory evidence under the guise that it was biased. I guess they don’t have cross examination over there? Same with the cell phone records, cell phone tower records, test messages,forensic evidence, lack thereof, etc.I can go one with the other specifics. In any event, did an innocent man go to jail? I don’t know. Is the justice system that got him there even remote adequate? Not by a long shot.

  • Jay

    Well, I just watched the dateline show. It is clear to anyone with the ability to reason that there was no evidence against him. The so called judge was obviously pandering to the people. I commend the police in almost getting the guy killed by a mob. I think it is safe to say that they are still trying to achieve the status of a third world nation.

  • Carola Thompson

    Eric Volz was found guilty of a crime he didn’t commit, because this so called judge was afraid of further riots and disturbances.
    He might, as a white gringo has a better chance in a different city? (To be honest, I doubt it).If we want to get the Nicuraguans attention, just stop any types of trades, until they are capable of giving anybody a fair trial, regardless of heritage, sex or religion. In my oppinion, that would take another 100 years though.
    I am so sorry for that young man, to have to go through this injustice, which was flagrantly thrown not only by that system, but also by that victim mother, who knows that Eric is innocent. Now those real brutal killers are still on the loose to cause more mayhem and heartaches, then what is that incapable, prejudiced judge going to do?
    Find an another white person to blame it on?

  • lynn

    i watched dateline last night, if Eric was in America he would have never even been charged! The man needs help! he has no right being in that prison! we have money for war but not to help one of our own locked in a prison cell in a foreign country for a crime he did not commit

  • Paul Watts

    Even if you had a videotape of the guy killing the victim, you still allow him to bring witnesses and evidence and at least let him be judged by a jury of his peers, and not a by a sole appointed bureaucrat. A society cannot be considered civilized if it does not afford its citizens, residents and visitors with due process. Yes, innocent people still go to jail despite due process but never because of it. Nicaragua is a great country with great people, but this is definitely a blemish to their image around the world.

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