India, Bangladesh: Lessons from Nandigram

Unheard Voices takes a look at the violence in Nandigram in India. “What is remarkable in this tragedy is the arrogant attitudes and brutal actions of a government that is democratically-elected and that is filled with nominal socialists and communists. In true deshi fashion, the police forces’ brutality has been backed up by the ruling party’s hired goons.”


  • biswaranjan

    Death in nandigram is deplorable,even the government action too to restore the order of law by police action.But who are these people breaking bridges,cutting off roads burning houses,destroying ambulance and setting hospitals in fire?They are up to some thing more than the eyes aparantly meet.Even when Govt officially stopped all actions to establish industry in NANDIGRAM then why violance is again erupting on 01.04.07.Do these people think they live in a jungle rule?

  • radha upadhya

    Hey Biswaranjan, perhaps you forget that the people of Nandigram have done this in the past during the freedom movement, the land that gave birth to Iswarachandra Vidyasagar, Khudiram Bose etc. No wonder it is FERTILE in every sense. Do you know how many schools, churches, temples mosques, markets, houses, fields would be lost>> How many displaced?? If the govt did not mean to grab land what was the need to send such a big police force to a place where all government offices functioned normally schools functioned even on the day of te firing- you forget many children came in uniform. HOW can one believe a government which gives three different statements about te notice put up by the Haldia Development Authority which is in the hands of their MP Lakshman Seth whose arm rules in the area?? Moreover this was their own stronghold they say, then why and how coul dthey turn against their party?? Some of them wre card holders as the leaders themselves claim. What was the need to shoot women and children that too above the waist and even in the back?? ALso why did they not use other harmless things before actually firing on them??

  • p banerjee

    It must be noted that where ever communist has ruled there was genocide at some point or other.Infact Facism & communism are the lebel of the same bottle. So present WB govermnet is no exception. The bostfull utterance of CM that they has “recaptured” Nandigram is is very significant. Does it mean WB a soverigine state of India is a capatured state by the CPM, and that a part of which was taken way by some force has been recaptured. DO our constitution allowes this.

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